ONFIRE ENT – “Jeremy Lin” [L-Dubs x Thai x Jargon x JimmyBoi x DerezBrown x LOE)


Linsanity still goes on! Check out this hot track by OnFire Entertainment called ‘Jeremy Lin’. The featured artists include: L-Dub, Thai, Jargon, JimmyBoi, Derez Brown, and LOE. The beat is produced by Superstar O.




Hit the club, shorty grab your friends
Drop a couple racks, all we do is win
Let the bottles flow like we won the championship
These Asians be ballin.. Jeremy Lin
Ballin.. Jeremy Lin..Ballin Jeremy Lin..
Damn, these Asians be ballin.. Jeremy Lin
Ballin.. Jeremy Lin..Ballin Jeremy Lin..
Damn, these Asians be ballin.. Jeremy Lin


Ballin, straight out of Harvard, smarter than these other rappers
Poppin, bottles like a CHAMPION, U can call that TYSON CHANDLER
Shot after shot, now claimin my spot, makin it rain now every night
Straight to the top, like IPOD DOCKS, we smashin all the STEREOtypes
Ballin, that’s all we do
Winnin, here with my crew
Glasses, we PASSIN OUT
CRASHIN, on your girl’s COUCH
Now, the Asians in the mainstream we gettin closer


Every time when I’m in the game, everybody knows I’m goin in
I go hard up on the court, everyday while they just all pretend
I been ballin all so long, now they all just catchin on
Thought a player like me couldn’t do it, but these bitches so dead wrong
And I’m feelin it, drivin and
I’m peelin it, shoot it out
I’m killin it, bitch call me a chink, I’ll seal ya lip, don’t forget
I’m makin it, all on my name
From the best of the best that’s been in the game
Shake it up, been gettin paid
Goin hard up in the paint


Okay we ballin like Jeremy Lin- You know we came here to win
Strippers get mad when we come- WHY? Cuz we paid em in yen
WATCH how we change up the trends- there go them Asians again
Soon as we enter the club- you swear the Math Team just walked in
Skinny jeans-True Religion, long sleeve Louis polo
Daniel son- Bonzai! – black belt — Gucci logo
Skin tone, yellow bone – slanted eyes –buy the bar out
Long hair — don’t care- samurai, sayo-nara


30 seconds left in the game, don’t worry then
Coach I got it, I got that Jeremy Lin
3 pointers, at the buzzer though
It’s Jimmy Boi, my name be buzzin bro
All we do is win, like DJ Khaled
I pull this stuff out my pocket, U can make a salad
We got Jeremy Lin now this da theme song
Asians takin over sports, not just ping pong


Call it Jeremy Lin, bare with me kids as I carry my gin, while I care to begin
With various wins, but not one day in hell would I ever say “Marry me Kim” (BITTTTTCH!)
So Asian, smile at you haters while they grin
Yeah, I be makin’ ya hoe tell, might as well give us a couple days in
D-E-R-E-Z winnin’, (CHYEAH) haters love it all to begin with (CHYEAH)
Everything you sayin’ is so fabricated, how the hell you ‘sposed to linnin’? (Ha)
Linsanity, dude we in.. I see you, you see Lin (Right?)
My shit all black everything, I call it UPN!


Ballin every night, we takin 20 shots
Henny Black, Moet and some Ciroc
Wanna talk turnovers well I’m fine with that
Watch her ass turnover while she sittin on my lap.
Yea we asian right, and we good at math
Then why you surprised we out here blowin cash
Blowin money fast call this shit Big Meech
Thai, Jargon, Jimmy Boi, Derez, Ls and me (LOE)

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