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jennifer nguyen vietnamese model

Jackfroot recently got in touch with one of the hottest Vietnamese models that exists. On November 18, 1987, Jennifer Nguyen was born up in Regina, Canada. Take a look at this exclusive interview with beautiful photos to get to know why Jennifer is one of the hardest working models in the industry. Enjoy!


Exclusive Jackfroot Interview With Jennifer Nguyen


How did you first get introduced into the modeling industry and what do you love about it?
I got into modeling way back for the first time from a good friend of mine. His name is Stanley K. He needed me to help fill in a spot for another model and at first I said no but eventually he talked me into it. It had nothing to do with a free meal by the way….haha. I never realize how much fun I would of had that day and I never knew that day was the day my career started and that I would be doing what I love for work. I owe this all to him. Thanks buddy.


What was your most memorable moment in life and would you want to relive it?
Oh my I have so many most memorable moments! ahh…. So many are popping up in my head that I can’t pick one that is the most! I try my best to live a exciting life and I am pretty adventurous myself! I have unlimited crazy stories! I don’t care to relive it because I know there are million more of memorable memories coming my way. I got my seat belt on baby Im ready!


Do you have any other skills or jobs besides modeling that you’d like to let your fans know about?
Besides modeling I am also a Make-up artist, a bartender , a go-go dancer and recently trying to get into acting. I am also a talented eater, sewer, drawer, and cook. I am all around a very imaginative and creative person.


jennifer nguyen vietnamese model


What types of food do you love eating and what type of restaurants do you enjoy going to?
I LOVE FOOD! I love trying out new restaurants and new food! Pizza is my all time favorite! I can live off that [haha] I am a huge meat girl too! I also love eating sushi. You can find me stuffing my face most the time at all you can eat places [haha]


Who are some of your role models or people you look up to in life?
I don’t have any role models. I don’t want to be like anybody else but myself. I am a very driven and ambitious person and I try my best and go out of my way a lot of times just for a opportunity. I do however admire my parents very much. What they went through to make sure I had a good life and the risks and hard ships they endure so that my siblings and my life were hopeful. Because of that I don’t want to fail them and want to be able to take care of them eventually so they can finally relax and enjoy the rest of their lives doing absolutely nothing but getting fat and old [haha]


Being Asian, most parents don’t approve of modeling as a career. What did your parents first think about you as a model and how do they feel about it today?
At first they thought I was a porn star [haha] They actually tried to investigate on what I was doing but eventually when people started going up to them and telling them they saw me printed here or on the web there and soon started to brag about everything I did. I give them everything I get printed on. When they’re having a party, they would take them out and brag about them. It’s actually embarrassing now. [haha]


jennifer nguyen vietnamese model


When you’re not modeling, what do you enjoy doing for fun?
[haha] If I’m not modeling then I’ll be bartending or working at my make-up job.I have a lot of plans this year so there’s no time for fun!  Living on your own is a lot of work too! I have to clean, cook, and grocery shop. It’s a never ending cycle! When I do want some time to myself, I do like to watch movies though.


Can you name us some of your favorite photographers you’ve worked with?
NO! [haha] I love them all! I don’t like putting people on a list of A to C. They are all talented in their own way and I had a blast working with every single one of them. How could you put me on the spot like that!


What are some tips and suggestions you have for up and coming models that want to grow?
Have an outgoing and positive attitude and NEVER EVER change that no matter how big you get. Attitude gets you a lot further then looks. You never know who you’re talking to and how they could help you with your dream. When I first started, I did a lot of photo shoots just to practice. I would look at the pictures and decide what I could of done to make it better and practice it in front of the mirror till it felt natural to me. I signed up for model sites and I sent in applications to companies I wanted to work for. In the end, love what you do and never forget where you started. Have fun with it! Life is an adventure!


10. Lastly, All of your male fans out there want to know if you are you single, dating, or it’s complicated?
I am single! [haha]


Jennifer Nguyen Photos:


Model Stats:
Height: 5’5
Weight: 108lbs
Measurements: (chest, waist, hips) 34-24-26
Dress: 3
Shoes: 7.5
Hair: brown
Skin: Tan


Connect with Jennifer:
Twitter @_jennifernguyen

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