Japan Wins the FIFA Women's World Cup Title

If you weren’t tuned into yesterday’s women’s World Cup soccer game featuring Japan versus the United States, you missed out on an instant classic! What will soon be known as one of the best soccer games ever played had all the elements of great game that had our hearts pumping!

It was like a story that you would only see in movies. Two underdog teams that no one gave a shot at being in the World Cup finals demonstrated why they deserved to be there. With the U.S. team leading 2-1 in the final minutes, Japan’s  team captain Homare Sawa scored the tying goal on what seemed to be an improbable corner kick.

In the end, Japan prevailed after winning the penalty kick shoot out 3-1. We’re proud of both of the women’s teams, but more so for team Japan. For a country that has faced such adversity and devastation this past year, this championship couldn’t come at a better time. We must admit, watching the Japanese team win this game was quite emotional and we hope something like this will lift the spirits of the Japanese people as they move forward. Go Japan!

Japan Wins the FIFA Women's World Cup Title


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