jackie chan 100th movie 1911

Known for his action packed movies and outrageous stunts, Jackie Chan comes back this time as both the leading actor and director for the movie 1911. Check out this epic trailer to a great movie about one great dynasty that was overthrown by another. Press play to check out the trailer. Jackie is also setting a record for himself as this is set as his 100th movie! Congratulations to him and all of us his success!

SYNOPSIS: An historical epic based on the 1911 Xinhai Revolution. The film tells the story of the founding of the Republic of China when Sun Yat-sen’s forces overthrew the Qing Dynasty.

STARRING:  Jackie Chan, Li Bing Bing, Zhao Wen Xuan, Joan Chen, Jaycee Chan

DIRECTOR:  Jackie Chan, Zhang Li

RELEASE DATE:  October, 2011

jackie chan 100th movie 1911


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