IT Producer Roy Lee to Adapt Japanese Sci-fi Ma.K

After a successful theater debut with the movie ‘IT’, producer Roy Lee landed a deal to produce an adaptation of the popular Japanese sci-fi series, Ma.K, for Warner Bros studios.

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Ma.K, also known as Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000, proved to be a very popular franchise in Japan. The series was influenced by films such as Star Wars and Bladerunner, as well as historical events such as WWI and WWII.

The movie is set in the late 2870’s, after a fourth nuclear war has wiped out much of the earth. Fifty-two years later, the interstellar union called the Galactic Federation is sent to repopulate the earth, but rebellion occurs between the new government and the factions. That’s when the mechanized fighting suits and massive robots come into the picture.

Roy Lee broke box office records with IT but that’s not all this year.  Next weekend, he will release The LEGO: Ninjago Movie, then James Franco’s Disaster Artist in December. Let us not forget the IT sequel and another King adaptation for The Stand.

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