ISAtv: “Step By Step” pilot episode features Yuri Tag of Kaba Modern

The guys behind Wong Fu Productions have been busy adding more success on top of their film making careers. In a series of concerts, International Secret Agents (ISA) teamed up with Far East Movement, and featured some of the best Asian American talents out there. Supporting the opportunity to promote more Asian American talents in the mainstream,  the ISA brand expanded with ISAtv.


Creating their own content, Wong Fu’s very own Phillip Wang hosts the first episode of the new dance show “Step By Step” featuring the beautiful and super talented Yuri Tag of ABDC‘s season 1 veterans Kaba Modern dance crew. “Hammer pants” and all, they obviously had a lot of fun making the video with Yuri’s choreography and Phil learning a new routine. Check it out:


[youtube id=”ROViANrZbg0″ width=”619″ height=”315″]


More extended footage here.

Visit Kaba Modern’s Official Website here.

Check out more of Jackfroot’s cover of Wong Fu here.

Check out for more shows to come!









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