Introducing UNIQLO Soho New York Store

uniqlo nycThe fabric of modern Japan is being woven into the streets of New York!  With the autumn opening of UNIQLO’s highly anticipated new global flagship store, SoHo will finally get to experience the contemporary Japanese style that has long been missing from this hot, international fashion mecca.  UNIQLO is Japan’s most popular apparel retailer and a worldwide leader in casual wear.  The brand’s mission is to empower all individuals through the clothing they choose to wear.  Rather than become characterized by a brand, UNIQLO encourages its customers to integrate its pieces into their own unique style.

UNIQLO’s SoHo global flagship will be the brand’s largest retail store anywhere in the world, featuring unique products and styles that will only be found there and a dynamic, cutting-edge store environment to make the shopping experience personal and fun.  To ensure its success UNIQLO has recruited many of the industry’s top talents, stars and arbiters of style to design and manage the huge SoHo flagship.

Bringing UNIQLO to SoHo is about more than just introducing Japan’s favorite clothing brand to the rest of the world it’s also an opportunity to express UNIQLO’s essence as a unique, distinctly modern Japanese brand.  UNIQLO’s SoHo global flagship will be the most significant example of Japanese retail culture outside of Japan and a model for the future of UNIQLO’s global expansion.

Check out some of the photos:

UNIQLO NYC NOW – Discover a behind the scenes look at the activities celebrating the launch of their new stores.

Visit their online site now:

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