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pmacPmac’s a twenty year old rapper from the Bay Area whose YouTube videos have accumulated over 530,000 views and whose album “First Impressions” just recently came out. The success of his YouTube videos have made Pmac a rising star, and Jackfroot got a chance to interview him after one of his shows at a college campus.


Pmac, a part German part Filipino artist, was born in Redwood City, CA. He first began dabbling in music in the 7th grade during school recesses; he and his friends would rap and freestyle together, prompting his first song and eventual dive into the music industry. Some of his inspirations in the industry are artists such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean, both of which he would love to collaborate with. When it comes to producers, Pmac would love to get a chance to work with legends pmacsuch as The Neptunes and No I.D. Productions.


When asked about his creative process and where he gets his inspiration from, Pmac stated, “Everything and life in general inspire me. I always have my phone on me so when I get an idea I have somewhere to put it and I set up times dedicated to working on my music. Music’s random and spontaneous, you can’t just make it.”


Although he strives to be on the top of the music world, his other passion is animation. He’s currently in school for animation and movie production, and his dream job would be to work for Pixar. As for his up and coming plans, Pmac wants to focus on the Bay Area, hoping to unify it more.


Even though Pmac is currently unsigned, he plans on working hard and spreading his music, hopefully getting a chance to prove himself and his music to the world.




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