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Following the Footsteps of Kanye – Goes From a Broken Jaw to Award-Winning International Hip Hop Artist

You’ve probably never heard of this Queens native, Brooklyn Tech alumni before. She’s a Taiwanese-American artist that’s making waves overseas in Taiwan. With the release of her Mandarin debut album Knock Out, she’s won “Best New Artist” at the 24th Annual Golden Melody Awards (2013), an event in Taiwan held in high regards comparable to that […]

These 4 Asian Youtubers Bought Houses for Their Parents

It’s not an easy feat to pay off a home mortgage, especially when home buying is becoming a financial hurdle for most millennials. While an average person typically takes a lifetime to pay off one mortgage, these famous Youtuber’s were blessed enough to turn their hobbies into full-time income, with the opportunity to give one of […]

Top 5 Things That Inspires J.Reyez

Everyone in the world will always need some type of inspiration and creativity to keep their passion and drive alive. We recently caught up with J.Reyez, a talented Korean artist from Canada, to find out what some things are that inspires him as an artist. Check out the list of 5 top things that inspires […]