josef villarama


Minority $ociety- Rap Collective from Seattle, WA

Featured Song: Closed on Mondays

M$ is a small diverse hip hop collective from Bellevue, WA (suburb of Seattle) that consists of two rappers, a singer, a DJ, and a freestyler. Daddy Genk (Japanese) and Matt Bravado (Kenyan) are the rappers; AllA (Armenian) is the singer; Chef An$ (Trinidadian) is on the turntable; and Apollo Do (Vietnamese) is the freestyler. You’ll only hear Daddy Genk, Matt Bravado, and AllA on the tracks but An$ and Apollo play a large role in the creative process and the performances. The group met in high school and started making music as a joke for their friends but started taking it seriously in 2013. The collective also writes, directs, and produces their own music videos with the help of  high school friend, Amir Zahed from The After Hour Photo.


Joe V

Josef Villarama (Joe V.)- Singer/Songwriter from San Diego, CA

Featured Song: Love You the Same

In his words: “I was in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor for the Army. They had a small room that was converted into a recording room in the USO. My friend came up with some chords one day, and I wrote the song, “Love You the Same” the next day, and on the third day I recorded it. The irony of it all was that although I was in a war zone, I was still able to find inspiration to write songs. You could say that it was my little getaway from my actual reality at the time– which was being away from my  family, and hearing bomb explosions all the time. It was just a humbling experience being in the Middle East and I was grateful to have met some of the Army’s most talented soldiers as well as some wonderful civilians.”

IG: joe_vmusic
Twitter: joe_vmusic
YouTube: Collective Society


  1. Thank you so much Jackfroot for the feature! I wish you guys nothing but success and hope to be working with you guys more in the near future. I also just wanted to give a special S/O to Kimle for reaching out to me and for giving me a chance to let my music be heard.



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