It’s official, i.aM.mE are America’s Best Dance Crew season 6 champions! That also means the streak of Asians being apart of ABDC’s champion team is still alive! That’s right, every champion for the past 6 seasons of ABDC has either been predominantly if not ALL Asian American.

There were rumors before this season started that Randy Jackson’s camp would not allow any ALL Asian dance teams because they wanted to give other ethnic groups a chance to win. Are you kidding me? Part of that made us angry, but at the same time, it’s flattering to see that Asians are dominating the dance scene to the point that they don’t want us winning all the time!

Even though there was an all Asian crew this year, Instant Noodles, they didn’t last long. However, thanks to i.aM.mE’s Moon Zhang , at least one Asian is still crowned champion. Regardless of ethnicity, if you’re a good dancer, you’re a good dancer. It just happens to be that Asians have been representing hard all these years and we look forward to new Asian American dance crews in the future. Check out the video compilation below of all of i.aM.mE’s performances this year.

Check out their YouTube Channel here:


  1. OMG i know this is a laaaate comment but i’ve supported IaMmE from the star.t i love every single member of the crew and they inspire me. i dont favor anyone but i have to say that chachi does inspire me alot because she is close to my age and she is soo strong and stands out with all the older members. but other then that everyone is unique and sososossososososososossoso talented one small step for IaMmE one giant leap for abdc 😉 i will never stop loving this crew IaMmE!!!!!!!!!!!!! InspireMotivateEnergize!!!!!!!


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