Throughout the course of time, tattoos have gone mainstream and have been part of a global fashion. Many have appreciated the body art, but some may not know the artist– behind the art.

A self-taught artist, Chris Garcia became fired up with tattoos as early as his teenage years. The first tattoo that he did was on himself. He started tattooing in 1994 when his family moved from Manila, Philippines to Virginia Beach, VA, where he worked at Ancient Art Studio and Ink Gallery. Garcia promptly shook the tattoo world. He has been known for his realism and portrait work– the most difficult of styles and been recognized for his versatility and striking artistry. Check out some of his masterpieces.



As a tattoo artist, one could only imagine when having the tables turned. Garcia has a heart condition that prevents him from being tattooed. To avoid the risk he just stopped altogether. But before being diagnosed, he and his four brothers got their mother’s name, “Teresita” tattooed as a memorial to her.

Can we all say gifted?! Chris holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Old Dominion University in Virginia where he graduated summa cum laude and is a year a way from getting his doctorate degree. His original career was spent working on the space program for NASA. However, as he approached his last year in the program, Garcia followed his true passion for the art. Scien-tat-ist is what he is.



In life, there are things that you feel that you are called for. Garcia continues to be in the limelight in the tattoo world. In 2010, he got an endorsement from Eternal Ink and was featured in various magazines such as Skin Deep and Tattoo Revue, for an impressive line of works done. This award-winning tattoo artist has inked Hollywood celebs, including UFC fighter Brandon Vera, Actress Brenda Song, Sylvester Stallone, all the members of Boys Like Girls band and the Cyrus clan, just to name a few. The most talked about work he has done was with actress and pop singer Miley Cyrus. It was her first ever tattoo done, “Just Breath” placed on the left side of her rib cage. Another was a dreamcatcher on her right side, the largest of all her tattoos to date.


Quality body art can range anywhere from absolute crap to jaw-dropping fantastic. If you’re currently in the market for a new tat then this guy has the solid reputation for it. Eager to know where he is– he currently is part of Club Tattoo, owned by Chris Bennington from Linkin Park. A “blue-chip” tat shop at the famous Las Vegas strip, where he works alongside other incredibly talented group of tattoo artists. He was also commissioned to guest spot at Manny Pacquiao’s tattoo shop in LA. His dream client?
The champ, Manny Pacquiao.


Find out more of Chris Garcia’s works:

Facebook: Chris Garcia Tattoos



Authored by Mitch Layno


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