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Sarah GeronimoJackfroot, an online media and entertainment website, is rapidly growing with new viewers and fans everyday. The staff behind Jackfroot wants to  do our part in helping other artists and entertainers all around the world reach new goals and heights in their careers. One artist that the we’ve  been following and keeping an eye on is who the people from the Philippine’s call the ‘Popstar Princess’.


Sarah Geronimo is a female popstar singer and actress from the Philippines. With her growing popularity of fans and demand for her appearances in more places internationally, Jackfroot wants to help showcase Sarah and help give her more exposure here in the United States. With the proper media attention and noise made, we believe that we can help Sarah become an International Superstar. Sarah has what it takes to make it in America, but she needs all of the help she can get.


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Sarah Geronimo


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  1. The Very Down to earth and family oriented and loving person.. with such a great talent needs to be known internationally….. She can do what ever you wanted to see on her audience in Fans.. thats why Sarah Geronimo, Our Teen princess before..until became our POPSUPERTSAR …

  2. Sarah Geronimo is one totally awesome,.look she can do foot step even though shes wearing a high hills..nobody can beat her,.,.,love you sarah g..wish i could be like her!!Sarah Geronimo is One of the BEST as always you always surprised & amazed
    the viewers. Thank you for sharing your talent that Philippines should be
    proud of.,So PROUD to be Fan of SARAH ASHER GERONIMO.

    • She’s Phenomenal i could say for an Artist who can standout with Singing, Dancing & Acting too,That all these Performances she does makes a Blockbuster Hit as always, She’s so much talents to give that makes the crowd jaw drop all the time,She deserves an International Exposure indeed….

  3. She is really a real star,a versatile actress and singer. Complete package to become a Superstar and the world needs here. Good luck, Sarah G.

  4. Sarah G has not been honored as Entertainer of the Year, Recording Artist of the Year and Box-office Queen all in the same year, 2009, at the young age of 21 for nothing. Now eight years in the business and already with numerous multi-platinum best-selling CDs and accolades for successful shows, films and concerts, she has proven her talent, versatility, passion and dedication for her craft and respect for her viewers through the years. She just loves to entertain and she is known to always transform the stage with her magical and spell-binding performance not just with her talent but also with how she charms and engages the audience through her every song, dance or spiel.

  5. a versatile artist, a total entertainer, terrific performer and great singer/dancer.  She has the voice and dance moves of Beyonce, the intensity of Lady Gaga, Sarah G have them all!!! Her talent is simply world class

  6. She is so amazing, a woman who has it all. A great singer, dancer, actress and with good heart. A very down to earth and a simple girl. A good role model to everyone and a loving daughter. A TOTAL PERFORMER.

  7. Humble. Beautiful. Simple. Versatile. Down to Earth. Loving. God fearing. Great Role Model. Superstar. Talented. In Demand Endorser. 2x Box-Office Queen. One Of A Kind. She sings from the heart. She dances flawlessly. Her acting is amazing. She’s THE total package. She has this charm that is indescribable. Her presence makes you smile, happy, excited. She has this energy that makes you dance/sing with her. She’s mesmerizing. She is Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Adele, Katy Perry, MJ +more all in one. You can’t compare her to anyone. 
    I am from California. I have lived in England. And everyone of my friends here and there loves her. 

  8. She has that charisma and talent that can be lined up to the likes of beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna adele and other famous artists in the Snited States

  9. she’s great……whenever she performs she made every people happy…that’s why we love her…….
    she can do what ever you want her to do……that’s SARAH GERONIMO…..THE PHILIPPINES POPSTAR PRINCESS……

  10. Sarah G has got everything, the talent, the passion, the charm, the character, good manners, etc…and that is what her millions of  fans loved about her so much and I am one of her follower even here abroad. She is one of a kind, a very humble individual that despite her fame, her success, her achievements, she still remains to be grounded. She has the charm to get the attention of all her audience everytime she performs on stage. The singer, dancer, actress, and the only Pop Princess that i am dreaming to meet in person. I love Sarah G…<3

  11. i love sarah g so much and for me she haas the heart everytime she sings any song….she got the talent and i believe she deserves to be known also not jus in the philippines but aswell in other country!!!!!!

  12. She is one of the most talented singer- actress here in the Philippines.she is very down to earth. family oriented and most of all she is god-fearing person.

  13.  One of the Best Singer in the World, you’ll be amaze with her sweet and powerful voice. She can sing different genres of songs. Aside from being a singer, Sarah is also an actress,dancer and a host.

  14. Ate Sarah is indeed perfect for me, beautiful inside and outside, for inside she is very, very humble to everyone, adorable, lovely, loving and caring daughter like as what she have said “I work hard for my FAMILY” and for outside, she is beautiful, cute and her face is so simple but sweet. Ate Sarah was known as the “Popstar Princess” and about the “Magic” she brings on stage when she performs and when she’s acting. She can dance in heelsw/ full energy, she can act very well and ofcourse she can sing , because it’s her passion. She is a total package performer, despite the love and fame she receives from our country she remains humble “down to earth”. About this I don’t know if many would agree that Ate Sarah would work internationally specially to her fans Popsters, Sarahnianz and AshRald because we love her so much, almost especially when you ask one person in our country even they were from province about Sarah Geronimo, they know her as a great singer. For this let’s just let Ate Sarah make a choice and decide =)

  15. She makes sure when she sings she sings from the heart when she act she gives justice to every role she plays and when she speaks she speaks with conviction



  17. She deserves to have a spot in the International Music Entertainment. Every time she performs, she never fails to amaze the audience.

  18. She is the best performer which the Philippines will ever have! She’s so humble despite the fact that she is indeed the best entertainer of her generation. She can sing, rap, dance, host, act, and even draw! Well, I can say that she indeed needs proper attention from the several producers of Hollywood as she has what all it takes to be one of the international idols of this generation. 

    Her being conservative and humbleness can really make her one of the most sought after Asian talents which can land a slot on Hollywood.

    I really hope to see her perform on a stage together with other Hollywood performers. 🙂

  19. Even thou I’m already residing here in the USA, I still don’t forget Sarah G. ’cause she’s really a total performer.  I still love and adore her.  Thou I didn’t had the chance to meet her personally when I was still in the Philippines, I can see that she’s a beautiful person, inside and out.  It reflects through her personality how she was raised by her parents.  She’s a role model to other people, esp. to the youth.  I hope she could make it to Hollywood, because it could, again, give pride to our country, the Philippines.

    Goodluck Ms. Sarah G.!! =)

  20. Yes, I am a big fan of Sarah Geronimo. She has an amazing voice, good personality, awesome and great stage presence. Whenever she performs she transformed to a different person and she owns the stage. Great talent and a great perfomer of this generation. She will not disappoint the people that will make this dream come true for her. Such beautiful person with a big heart.

  21. She’s THE BEST! a multi-talented woman with a very good heart..She’s not just Philippines Pop Superstar, she have millions fans outside Philippines..and recently being named as Number 1 Female Performer in ASIA..And she’s not just for POP MUSIC, she can SING all genre of MUSIC very well with no difficulty..Sarah is INCOMPARABLE..she has her SIGNATURE VOICE as Sarah Geronimo but she can be Celine Dion, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, named all that..Sarah is ALL-IN-ONE!! AMAZING!!

  22. Sarah Geronimo is the brightest and biggest star of the Philippines, we can say that she can seize the world , with her talent and personality, with her talent like, singing, acting, dancing and even hosting, they will surely love sarah geronimo, 

    Sarah Geronimo is not the best singer not the best dancer ,not the best actress and not the best host. But no one can be a Sarah G. a singer, actress, dancer, and host

  23.  i wish she will conquer and create an explosive name in the hollywood industry!!!…thats what i pray :)..godbless to sarah im her super solid duper number 1 fan!!..

  24. She’s not just a Princess, she’s a Queen… a Girl who is so humble and down to earth… ADMIRED and LOVED by EVERYONE… an INSPIRATION!!!…

    SARAH GERONIMO is not ONLY BORN to be a STAR but she’s also DESTINED to be a STAR…

    – one of the most unforgettable line from the Philippine’s Popstar Princess, “IT’S NO ABOUT THE MONEY… IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOYALTY”…

    POPSTER by HEART!!!….

  25. Sarah Geronimo is one of the famous artist here in Philippines. She can sing while dancing, and remember she was awarded “Box Office -Queen” because she give her very best to act for her blockbuster movies. She is also known as Romantic-Comedy Queen. 


  27. i am now a fan of sarah geronimo after watching her two movies with gerald anderson,totally awesome whatever way you looked at her,she gives it 100 %,very entertaining,extremely good singer since she gives it all and hopefully she will be known internationally,kudos to you SG

  28. Sarah Geronimo is not just a great singer but a great person and entertainer, actress and most of all a role model for every youth and young people. she proved a lot of that here in the Philippines for being humble and very loving to her family and very religious she deserve to have a chance in united states not only to share her talent but what she can share as being a good role model…That is Sarah Geronimo one word ” SPECTACULAR’

  29. she is the best entertainer here in the philippines a good actress dancer singer… i hope you  can bring her in us.. and the best thing about her.. she has a good heart! =)

  30. my ultimate idol sarah geronimo deserves to be an international superstar…she’s very talented but still she’s very down to earth, thats why i really love her..

  31. She is a TOTAL PERFORMER and a MULTIMEDIA STAR….I really admired her because she is really down to Earth, kind, respectful and a family-oriented daughter. Every time she perform there’s nothing I can do but stop what I’m doing and concentrate watching her performance. And after that search it on youtube and watching it all over and over again…She is the one who complete my day everyday by seeing/watching her performance LIVE or NOT. She is the reason why I keep on watching ASAP ROCKS every sunday…and the reason why I’m spending money to watch her MOVIES and BUYING her ALBUMS.. I love you SG.. I will support you all the way.. God bless in everything you do..<3

  32. Sarah Geronimo is one of the best artist in the Philippines who deserves all the attention, recognitions she got since she started her career in the Philippines music industry. She is the epitome of the multi media artist. She can sing, dance, rap, host and act.Her talents are not the only reson why we love her and continued to support her but the whole person. She is amazing in and out. I will be one of the happiest fan of hers if her talent will be showcased and recognised not only in our country but to the rest of the world. She truly deserve it!

  33. Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo is a great person… she is versatile, multi-talented. She is good in the way she sing, dance, act, and many more. She has also the beauty with a very kind heart. She is also a wonderful person that believes in God, she always thanked God for her successful carrier, shows and many more good things that happen to her life. I/We adore her because of her down-to-earth character that makes people and her fans adore her.

  34. Sarah G…is the one….she has what it takes to be star in hollywood….she is so amazing and very talented girl….no doubt for that….


  35. Wondering why?..some TFC Subscriber doesn’t wanna talk about her SG..I ask some of my relatives & friends who has TFC..she is a good performer Except her mouth  expression! it!! annoying!..I watch her on a phone commercial (startek) ;(;(;(

  36. She is the BEST SINGER/ACTRESS/ENDORSER i’ve ever encounter… I LOVE her so MUCH!!…. More than her TALENTS, it’s her ATTITUDE that Matters most…

    POPSTER by HEART!!!….

  37. Sarah is the superstar 🙂 you cannot find another “Sarah Geronimo”. She’s unique , versatile , talented and beautiful . Kudos to Sarah

  38. Hi! Ate Sarah 🙂 I’m Joy and I’m one of your fan. I hope I can meet you in person and stay beautiful. Always remember, WE will always be here for you. I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!! 😀

  39. I adore Sarah G. I’m not just a fan who adores her because of how good she performs on stage, but I am a child, a mother, a brother, lover, sister and a hopeless romantic all because of her. She has a good heart! She connects to everyone because of her personality and her humility. She is no diva but a girl who didnt stop to reach for her dreams. Shenis someone who listened to her parents. She is a sister who dreamed big to be able to provide for her siblings. She is a romantic but never fails to give in to pressure of love and lust. What else can you asl for a girl like that? Just a simple wish to God that nobody will hurt her and change her ideals in life. Just someone to love her for the rest of her life 

  40. Sarah is the best!!! multi-talented but still remains humble & kind. she’s a very good role model for being a respectful & obedient daughter. she deservers all that she have right now and more.Good luck and God Bless 🙂

  41. i dont really stay AND  spend too much time on tv… but i somehow love to be updated with this girl name sarah geronimo. i witnessed how she build her name in the industry even just on tv…. though not completely… but since she became finalist in star for a night i already like the character and the way she was on the stage with her piece. she sang and sing from the heart.. that is why I like watching, listening and read about her. sarah’s character on tv never change since she started.. since she won she is still sarah g.. she never forgets to thank what she is and have now… sarah… keep up the good work. yes i am one of your FAN NOW. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!

  42. Sarah Geronimo is my favorite artist because she’s awesome amazing performer and a great actress in her generation i love you sarah g.

  43. Sarah G deserves to be acknowledged abroad. She’s such a great talent from the Philippines. Her versatility not only as a singer but also as an actress proves that she is more than capable of conquering the world with her talent. On top of that, her humility is what makes her the best. Even with so many achievements at a young age, she makes sure to stay grounded and give back to her fans and all the people who support her.

  44. Undeniably, she’s a total performer. Thumbs up to all of her performances and I couldn’t ask for more but to wish her all the best in life and that she continues to inspire people in all walks of life whether locally or globally. I love Sarah Geronimo so much!!!

  45. Sarah Geronimo, is the best singer in this country, she’s very humble and down to earth person.. she’s a very kind daughter of her parents and the daughter that the other parents wants to have. she is a very hardworking and talented person who has so many dreams for her family and for her career which every individual admires her a lot whether children or adult. for me she’s the best of the best singers here. she has a guts to be an international singer to give an award to the Philippines…

  46. i really,really like Sarah Geronimo because she’s good in singing,,dancing and acting,, thats why i love her so much ,, 

  47. Sarah G is my fan….she rocks, she has talent that versality in musical.  She loves to entertain people and proven her dedication and magical in performing in the audience.  She definately has charisma and multi-talented artist.  Hang in there idol…god will be there for you.  Love you.

  48. SARAH GERONIMO has the potential to become an internationally acclaimed star, because of her versatility, nonstoppable and goosebump performances in our country, and all award giving bodies that they will nominate her is her own. So, Please support Sarah Geronimo to shine as a star in the United States.

  49. Definitely! Sarah is undisputable with her craft/skills/talents.. She is absolutely one of the greatest performers of this generation (locally amd internationally). She deserves to be acknowledged internationally. You’ll never see someone as flexible and as talemted as she is – a Total Performer indeed!

  50. Sarah Geronimo definitely deserves international recognition.  How I wish she can perform in American Music Awards or any other foreign award giving bodies.  She’s absolutely a total performer. She is oozing with talents but despite of all, she’s very humble.  She truly deserves all the best life has to offer.


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