EVERY pair is something you would desire to have. Kermit Tesoro is a Filipino designer who is known for his fashion forward heel-less shoes. Sounds dangerous. Kermit Tesoro made the impossible– possible. These are one of a kind platforms. Every pair, every design exquisitely features extraordinary aesthetics. The heel-less wedges are sky high yet wearable. Yes you read it right—they are wearable! To get a foretaste of the talked about designs, here are some of his remarkable works.





WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT: To this day, Kermit Tesoro’s collaboration with fellow Filipino sculptor Leeroy New rendered the outfit that Lady Gaga showed off in her latest album cover, Marry The Night. The singer wore black customized rubber body armor and shorts. The cover photo was posted by the pop superstar herself through her Twitter account. Kermit, aside from being a shoe designer is also a famous fashion designer in the Philippines. Tesoro has graced the runways of Philippine Fashion Week since 2009.



NEWSFLASH: His shoe collection was featured in London Fashion Week, partnered with French designer Florian Jayet for his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The name Kermit Tesoro is definitely kickin’ it up a notch. Oozing with creative juice, this young designer is pure fashion genius. He is definitely taking the fashion world one ‘heel-less’ step at a time.



Kermit Tesoro’s shoe collection includes platforms, booties, stilettos and heel-less wedges. The price ranges from $300-$800. His shoes are sold online.


Check out his latest collection:


Authored by Mitch Layno


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