Randall Park

Does this face look familiar to you? It should. This is Randall Park, and you may have seen him on several television commercials lately including spots for Verizon, Volkswagen, and KY Intense. He was also a regular on Nick Cannon’s hit show “Wild N’ Out” a few years back. However, Randall is no stranger to Hollywood. See, for the past 8 years, he has been hustling his way in and out of TV shows, movies, and web shows and has over 57 projects under his belt.


Randall Park


That’s pretty impressive for any actor or actress, let alone an Asian American actor. Park didn’t obtain all these roles through dumb luck. It takes a particular skill, personality, and work ethic to achieve what he has done. Even though most, if not all his roles have been minor or quick cameos, he’s definitely ready to take on a starring role in the near future. His hard work seems to be paying off with all the recent sightings of him on television commercials and we hope it doesn’t stop there.


Randall Park on Wild N' Out


So where will we see Randall Park next? He’s a funny guy that possesses all the skills required of an actor. He can be serious, hilarious, sad, and any other emotion you can think of at any time. That talent can only bring him further success. We at Jackfroot definitely see a bright future ahead for Randall, and we’re certain that you’ll be seeing him in a theater, television set, and website near you. To see out some recent commercials featuring Randall, check out the videos below.





Visit his website at http://www.randallparkplace.com


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