With the market flooded with all different kinds of fashion brands today, it is rare and uncommon to see jeans as a part of these endeavors. Usually you see shirt companies, custom jewelry or even head wear, but jeans not so much. In this article we would like to introduce you to a new concept of denim for all you party rockers, club heads and night lifers – groupie’s favorite bottoms: Grp. E Jeans. Started by San Franciscan, Tommy Pham, whom has 9 years of experience in the fashion industry including the fashion capital of the world, New York City. Tommy Pham has channeled his design skills throughout the entire industry including American Eagle, pioneered the G-Unit line for Ecko, Express and has established strong relations with a conglomerate of fashion moguls and companies throughout his career. Tommy decided he had enough of working for other fashion companies and built up the motivation to begin his own fashion line, Grp. E, which will first begin with jeans and denim.

I have 9 years experience in fashion and 7 yrs of denim experience. What inspired me to create Grp.E as a brand is the party lifestyle. Even with the state of the economy, people are still partying every week. Music lifts peoples spirits and even when times are tough people still wanna have a good time. I shop around the world and go to all the trade shows at my last job with Express. I’ve seen a lot of brands and products. There’s a lot of stuff that looks the same but the brands that are truly successful are the ones with a solid concept that ties back to their customer’s lifestyle. We wanted to give our jeans an edge on other jeans by creating our patented snap button fly. This makes our jeans special and we have a feature no one else has. The best part is this feature is functional and it’s not just a worthless design.


Check out Grp. E‘s website for more information and their current selection of products.
Grp. E is a San Francisco Bay Area Company, began in May 2010 and founded by Tommy Pham.

Button Fly
Tommy Pham of Grp. E

Written by Derick Lee | Jackfroot Editor
With Tommy Pham | Grp. E Jeans

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