Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Jung Woo “Love Fiction” Editorial for Vogue Korea

Lead stars Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin from “Love Fiction” have coupled up again for an editorial in Vogue Korea’s February issue in anticipation of the release of their film.


In “Love Fiction,” Ha Jung Woo portrays a famous novelist who has a tragically failed love life. He then meets a stylish, hip film executive, played by Gong Hyo Jin, and falls instantly in love with her.


“These days, phones seem to take the place of love,” Ha Jung Woo said in the the Vogue interview “Love-starved men go on vacation with their phones as much as they go on local teahouses and clubs.”


Gong Hyo Jin is again praised for her fashion sense. At a year-end awards ceremony, she was honored for her performance in “The Greatest Love”, this fashion-forward actress was spotted in an attention-grabbing yellow dress.


“I take advantage of awards ceremonies to wear designer clothes,” she said.


“Love Fiction” is due to open in cinemas at the end of February. Check out the trailer below:



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