One of the videos that has been going all around the internet has been causing a lot of controversy. Watch it here if you haven’t seen it yet. The story and truth finally comes out when the girl that recorded the jumping unveils what really happened. This girl referred to the victim of the jumping as a ‘fob’ (Fresh Off the Boat) and explains why this 7 on 1 fight happened.


We believe that violence only creates more violence and highly encourage everyone to unite as one rather than label each other as fobs. Jackfroot is against violence so lets stop the hate and love one another. Increase the peace.


7 Guys Jumping One Asian Guy



Check Out Comedian David So’s Video Response:

Jackfroot stands by David So


  1. She points out that 20-2 isn’t fair in the fight and how it was basically payback by doing 7-1.

    I hope she realizes that it’s now 500,000 Americans against her and her 6 friends ready to cause a fight as well: FOR THE END OF BULLYING!

  2. ummm, but regardless ummmm, trust me people, ummmmm, I can name them, ummmm, I’m 50 tyson aint gonna lie, ummm, Halloween is October 31st 

  3. to the dumb ass bitch on the video. come down to the SGV and talk like that ummm ummmmm. stop trying to explain some bull shit for those buster ass nigga talkin fools. talk like the ching congs you are and get a life, oh no too late you already made this stupid ass video. 


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