Get to Know 10 Fun Facts About Keiko Alingas

Keiko Alingas is a person that believes everything happens for a reason. Raised in a small town in Southern California, Keiko is a girl with a big heart. Currently living in the Bay Area, Keiko is one female that loves sports and is a major fan of the Raiders, Warriors, and Atheletics teams. Keiko is currently a model and TV personality and the staff at Jackfroot definitely sees a bright future for Keiko. Check out these 10 facts about Keiko to learn more about this awesome girl!

10 Fun Facts About Keiko Alingas:

10. My dream career is to be a coach in the NBA.
9. Japanese, Mexican, & Filipina (I am fluent in Spanish)
8. I love RPG video games, all of Final Fantasies. (Number 7 is my favorite)
7. When dancing, I love to do hair flips.
6. I have the hugest crush on President Barrack Obama.
5. I played college Basketball. Shooting Guard. I’ll knock your lights out.
4. My phobia is Male Strippers.
3. One of my favorite all time classic movies is: Three Amigos
2. I love to eat, I eat almost every two hours. (Small dishes of course)
1. I am a TV Host for a show called MYX-Rated on MYX Tv, check out the website for your local listings CHECK IT OUT!



Ethnicity: Japanese, Filipino and Mexican.
Location: Oakland, CA
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 119 lbs
Stats: 34 24 34

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