Tommy C created a worldwide buzz after releasing his English version to a popular Korean song “Wedding Dress” on December 2009. This track featured Toronto based Rap Artist J.Reyez.  Along with various other remixes such as the “Bedrock Remix” featuring Lil Crazed and Traphik, and his emotional remix to “Airplanes”, Tommy C sets out to make himself a household name.  Those songs combined have reached over 6 million views on YouTube and is continuing to grow.

On November 23, 2010, in cooperation with 454 Entertainment, Lil Crazed and J.Reyez, a hit single “Girlfriend” was released worldwide which reached iTunes Top 40 in Canada, Australia, and Norway.

Tommy C released another single “Sweetheart” on Valentine’s Day 2011 which marks the first release as a solo artist.  Although he is still active with his Chicago based group R&B group IBU, with his unique sound Tommy C strives to be a dominant singer & songwriter that feeds the world songs that are catchy and infectious.  Look out for more Tommy C as he embarks on a new musical journey.


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