Now’s your chance to get a taste of some real ‘Honey’. Honey Siong is a young, up and coming Hmong model from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been in the industry for several years now. The staff at Jackfroot got in touch with Honey for our readers to learn a thing or two about this passionate and devoted model.


Jackfroot Exclusive Interview With Honey Siong


J: How did you first get introduced into the modeling industry and what do you love about it?
H: I was introduced to the modeling industry by my cousin years ago. He did a lot of runway shows and his portfolio was amazing. I couldn’t help but have him help me get into it. He booked me my first and biggest runway show at age 16 and from there the rest is history!


J: If you weren’t modeling, what can you picture yourself doing or what career field would you be in?
H: I look at modeling as just a fun thing to do, I don’t take it as serious. I can picture myself being in the business atmosphere, I always had a thing for business and most definitely love being in suits. Also I can picture myself traveling the world, sounds so exciting!


J: Who are some of your biggest influences that inspire you today?
H: My mother is one of my biggest influence, because she’s a fighter and a very strong hearted person. I learned being a strong person and fighter from her, she just keeps moving even when she’s at her lowest, she never backs down to negativity, she overcomes it. She’s my inspiration and biggest influences of all. I have many more, but I can go on and on… LOL


honey siong hmong model


J: Being Asian, most parents don’t approve of modeling as a career. What did your parents first think about you as a model and how do they feel about it today?
H: They didn’t mind me modeling at all, at least I had my clothes on, my parent’s own a photo studio so I was they’re #1 model to advertise the shop, but they didn’t approve whatsoever when it came to showing skin. It was hard for them to accept it and now its still hard, but they can’t control a young lady who has a life of her own and makes her own decisions.


J: What types of food do you love eating and what type of restaurants do you enjoy going to?
H: I’d eat anything that looks good lol. Most favorite, I’d have to say Asian food in general, from Hmong food, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Laos. I enjoy getting my tummy filled at the Hmong Flea Market, getting dyed purple sticky rice with sausage and dipping pepper sauce or a nice warm/hot bowl of pho from one of my favorite pho restaurant, Pho Hoa.


J: If you can have any superpower, what would it be and why?
H: INVISIBILITY! Why? Because it would be awesome to pull pranks.


hmong model


J: Do you have any other skills or jobs besides modeling that you’d like to let your fans know about?
H: I’m a massage therapist. I have magic hands that heals a person’s back and also I’m a great hip hop dancer. I love using dancing as a way to get away from stress.


J: When you’re not modeling, what do you enjoy doing for fun?
H: I like playing video games >__<  lol or going out for a drink or two.. maybe three or five?!! lol


J: If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 things you would bring with you?
H: Hm… I probably wouldn’t bring my cellphone, because it’ll be useless, so 3 things I’ll probably bring would be my lighter, a pocket knife and extra pair of clothes. A girl need a change even when stranded on an island.


J: What do you look for in a guy?
H: Great smile, funny and can be a goofball sometimes. He also has to be romantic and sweet, most definitely caring, has a great sense of style and a lot of swag. He needs to have a stable financial life. I don’t really go for looks, though yes looks are the first, but if the personality hits me good, I’m going in on it!!!


J: All of your male fans out there want to know if you are you single, dating, or it’s complicated?
H: Sadly my male fans, I am in a relationship and very happy with this man. He tells me everyday he’s a lucky guy.


J: Lastly, what are some tips and suggestions you have for up and coming models that want to grow?
H: Be yourself. Don’t ever change for another. You don’t want become someone you don’t know anymore. If you want to change, change for the better. Keep chasing your dreams, but don’t go over board. Be happy and proud when you’ve pursued enough. The journey is what counts not what’s at the end of the journey. Also be friendly and professional when meeting new people, they might just be the connection to better endeavors!


Honey Siong Photos:


Model Stats:
Height: 5’3
Weight: 104
Measurements: (chest, waist, hips) 33-26-37
Dress: 2
Shoes: 6
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan



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