Gabe Bondoc – OTS: Houstatlantavegas (Drake Remix)

Man, Gabe Bondoc, truly one of my heroes back in the day when I use to play guitar and sing. Gabe has one of the dopest tones you’ll find anywhere. This is his rendition of Drake’s widely popular song “Houstatlantavegas” entitled “You Used to Love Him”. Beautiful message and lyrical content. Look out for Gabe’s upcoming project GABEREAL MIXTAPE 2012

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Houstatlantavegas (You Used To Love Him) – A Drake Remix

Hey there, pretty girl.
I know things just haven’t been the same since he left.
But girl, I got you… don’t let him haunt you.

He’s just another selfish guy with his eye on the prize…
Fell in love accidentally one night…
Baby, let him leave…

I know that you used to love him, baby.
You should stop debating.
You shouldn’t be chasing, you’ll forget him.

I know that you you used to love him, baby.
You should stop debating.
You shouldn’t be chasing, you’ll forget him.

Take my hand, girl, I’m strong.
You can cry all night long.
Let him go.
Hey, now… won’t let you down, no.

I know you’re very fragile, but who knows just how to handle you with care?
Let’s go. We’ll take a drive and we’ll find the water… I know you love it there.

Let the sunlight find your hair.
Let the sun take you away from here…
And I know it’s hard to bear…
Take my hand because I know that you…


I knew he was a bad dude, he made me sick like bad food.
He’s the poisonous kind.
Always looking for a victim for his toxin… he’s got malice on the mind.

So I’ve been working on the antidote…
The components being sympathy and cantaloupe…
Um… sugar, water, sun, night lights, movie nights… I’m not even done.

If we’re having fun you can’t be sad.
… I’m hoping so, that’s my plan.
Yea, and we’re planing for the future, turn your back on the past.
Stitch a wound with a suture.
Like a surgeon generally does…
Should have been warning you of what he was, what he is, what he’ll be…
Probably rich, terribly lonely.

Wishing he was young again.
Wishing he wasn’t so arrogant, so malevolent, more benevolent.
He’ll probably think of you and what he fool he was…
As we sight see London on a double bus.
But I don’t mean to digress…
Let’s be frank, take it step by step.
Cory and Topanga: boy meets girl then the girl meets the world and the world unfurls…

Think! All the possibilities…
When your mind stays right you can really see.
When your eyes stay dry you can really breathe.
Plus, I’m running out of t-shirt tissue sleeves.
But that’s okay. Really don’t mind.
How ever long it takes, baby, I’ve got time.
He broke your heart, but now you’ve got mine.
And I don’t need a heart if I’ve got you, right?

All he cares about is money and the city that he’s from.
He gon’ sip until he feels it, he gon’ smoke it ’til it’s done.
And I know he doesn’t care and my excuse is that he’s dumb.
And he’s only getting older… I hope somebody told him…
He lost one… I hope he knows he lost one.

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