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Netflix Releases Clip from Ugly Delicious with Ali Wong & Host David Chang

Netflix recently released this clip from Ugly Delicious with host David Chang (Momofuku) and Ali Wong. UGLY DELICIOUS: From James Beard award-winning chef of Momofuku David Chang and Academy Award-winning director Morgan Neville comes Ugly Delicious, a Netflix original documentary series that challenges both our taste buds and minds. Ugly Delicious will cover a myriad of cuisines with special guests […]
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Fan Recreates McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Recipe

Youtuber JP Lambiase of HeLLthy Junk Food set out to recreate the coveted McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce made famous by Rick and Morty by cross-referencing an original sample of the sauce from 1998. And we are extremely thankful since many of us were not able to try the sauce ourselves! McDonald underestimated the demand for their sauce, […]

Bringing Asian Food to School for Lunch by Domics

Growing up in big diverse cities with different cultures can be difficult for young kids. People often find it hard to find their identity and while still keeping to their own. One of the challenges of growing up sometimes seems to be bringing exotic Asian food to school for lunch. Other kids may make fun […]

How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

We came across this great sushi video and thought this is something most people that love sushi should watch. You’ve probably been eating sushi wrong this whole time. Coming to you straight from the sushi chef’s mouth, check out this exclusive video from the Munchies team where they present to you the do’s and don’ts […]

The Food Porn Superstars of South Korea: Mukbang

In Korea, people can tune in on their laptops and cell phones any time, any day and watch people eat—and talk about eating. These “online eaters” are neither chefs nor restaurateurs, but the stars of the South Korean digital food phenomenon: Mukbang. Charlet Duboc travels to Seoul to meet some full-time stars and fans of […]

Meet Diane – The Cutest Little Food Critic EVER

Meet Diane, the adorable half American, half Vietnamese 5 year old from San Jose, CA. She may be the cutest food critic ever. In this video, Diane introduces you to the #chipchallenge where she explores 3 different types of chips and describes how they taste. Towards the end of the video, she reminds you to “comment down […]

What the Pho?! California’s Disneyland Serves Asian Food and Milk Tea

With the growing Asian population in California, the world famous Disneyland theme park has added some special new dishes to the menu at one of their food shops. These aren’t your typical fast food you usually see like burgers, pizza, or chicken tenders. The food menu includes: Whole Fish served family style (Vietnamese) Japchae (Korean) Galbi (Korean) Pho (Vietnamese) The […]