In the upcoming movie “The Flowers of War” a Westerner, played by Christian Bale, protects and hides a group of Chinese refugees during Japan’s rape of Nanking in 1937. Its director Zhang Yimou has also directed megahits such as Jet Li’s “Hero” in 2002 and “House of Flying Daggers” in 2004.


flowers of war


With an all star cast and the debut of Ni Ni who plays Yu Mo one of the lead roles, “The Flowers of War” has already proven its success in China, grossing $83 million, becoming the third highest grossing Chinese film. Originally only set for release in a few cities around the U.S., the success of the movie has allowed further distribution around the country, so make sure you catch “The Flowers of War” which comes out in theaters January 20, 2012!


Watch the Trailer:




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