F*ckJerry Hijacks Asian Teenager’s Instagram Account, Dad Sues

It’s War of the Memes.

The popular Instagram account F*ckJerry (ran by CEO Elliot Tebele) made a deal with a 16-year-old Asian Teenager known as Tim(eme) to take over his Instagram handle and post sponsored content.

However, according to the lawsuit filed by his father, Tom Chau, the deal was made without his consent, and F*ckjerry did not abide by the terms of the agreement.

Chau alleges that the agreement should have ended in May 2017 but F*ckJerry still has not handed over the Instagram account, nor fairly compensated his son, Tim(eme), for the revenue lost between May 2017 to the present.

He’s suing CEO Tebele to not only get back control of the account but also for the revenue his son lost while under F*ckJerry’s ownership.

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