Lil Crazed

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(On Chapter 3: Liberation mixtape — Releasing 09/11/2011)

Lil Crazed

can i be your first aid?
let me be your first aid.
i’m tellin you it’ll be okay,
baby you don’t need him anyway
if he hurt you, he don’t deserve you,
so let me be your first aid

~now open ya eyes and witness what you’re missing,
you no longer feel the spark in your lips every time you kiss him,
you just do it cuz it’s routine, afraid of seeing new things,
but if you stay behind his “Window”, you’ll be stuck in blue screen,
and it’ll be too late to reformat,
but with me baby, my “welcome” aint just on a doormat,
YOU’RE WELCOME anytime and you dont need to THANK ME,
just make the moments with me like kodak, say cheese,
so when you’re ready get at me to jump ship girl,
Sistine Chapel baby look up, see the bigger picture,
and lets vacate for at least 8 days,
cuz i refuse to let you be weak (week) anymore babyyyy
i’ll be your lifeguard, you won’t drown,
jump in to save you whenever your tears come down
see he never hears you out, nope, he aint here right now, but,
leave him TOAST and i’ll CHEER(S) you up

~today is thursday which, is your birthday,
wish for a first aid kit
i’ll be there in a split, second,
to none but he wasn’t ever number one if he never intended to pay attention to what’s become,
of your relationship, you were patient just,
thinking if you pace it, it’d be great again,
but… months done passed,
there are books for DUMMIES but honey some just CRASH,
testing all your days to see which one would be your last,
seems he needs some summer school so he can find more class,
and i bet he’ll join the football team, he’ll be running back,
some animals are cute, but some just ASS,
-tonishing, he don’t appreciate your being
but baby i’m here to alleviate your grieving
so when you leave him this evening,
let me know where we’ll end up meeting

Produced by Nine Diamond
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Seattle: September 24, 2011

Lil Crazed

Tommy C

Nine Diamond


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