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The Poreotics Dance Crew is one of the hottest crews known all across the globe. We had the chance to do an exclusive Jackfroot interview with our talented friends. Their major success all started when they won and became America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champions. Check out this 12 question interview to learn a little more about the Asian American passionate dancers.

Jackfroot Exclusive Interview


1. Who are some dancers you respect and look up to?
Jabbawockeez, U-min, Pop N Tod, Wav-o-matic, Animatronik, Pre Pix Crew, Philipino All Stars, and many more.

2. How do your parents feel about you dancing as a career and what was their reaction when you guys won ABDC?
Our parents weren’t very supportive at first because there was not a lot of money in dancing. But things did change when we won ABDC. Now they are very proud and happy about our dancing career and they support us all the way. When we won America’s Best Dance Crew, they were extremely shocked and gave us more support for becoming dance champions. Our parents are our biggest supporters and fans we have.

3. When you guys aren’t dancing and traveling, what do you enjoy doing for fun on your spare time?
When we aren’t dancing,we like to play video games of all sorts, watch movies, play basketball, work out, play video games, and play video games.

4. Everyone knows that you guys have traveled across the world. What city or country do you like most?
We enjoyed Australia and the Philippines the most so far. Everywhere we’ve been too, we’ve had a blast and hope that more countries bring us out!

5. Performing must be tiring, what’s your ideal food and drinks to rejuvenate yourselves after a performance or practice?
The ideal foods that help us rejuvenate after a hard practice or performance are fruits such as bananas, apples and etc. We also eat a lot of light healthy foods. The drinks that help us rejuvenate is Gatorade or Vitamin Water but most of the time water suffices. Staying properly hydrated is key!

6. What’s your most memorable performance to date?
Our most memorable performance to date is the Disco Challenge on ABDC. Another one would have to be opening up for Justin Bieber’s My World Tour Concert. But until this day, we remember all of our performances and each one carries a special memory in our hearts.

Poreotics Dance Crew

7. What type/brand of shoes do you prefer dancing in?
We prefer to dance in Nike or Creative Recreation, but any shoe that’s light will make us happy.

8. Name some of your favorite artists/DJ’s you would like to dance for in a music video.
Black Eyed Peas, Missy Elliot, Dead Mau5, Daft Punk, and plenty more. These are just some of the ones from the top of our heads.

9. If you can have any superpower, what would it be?
We all agree on flying and maybe telekinesis! Haha

10. Name us some of your favorite all time TV shows or cartoons growing up as a kid.
Pokemon, Digimon, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Beetle Borgs, Angry Beavers, Dark Wing Duck, Doug, Rugrats, Beast Wars, Zoids, Voltron, Hey Arnold, and many more.

11. If you weren’t dancing, what do you think each of you would be doing today?
We would all be in school for our majors such as:

Dumbo – Hair Styling
Can – Music and Art
Charles – Education
Chad – Clinical Lab Scientist
Law – Radiology
Jet Li – Kinesiology

12. What are some upcoming future projects you are working on?
Some of our upcoming future projects that we’re working on are the Tic Tic Tour, where we travel and perform our very own show for that specific city. Another big project is a a reality TV show that is still in the works for all you viewers out there. And the team is still doing our best to travel to every country we can to give back to all of our wonderful fans out there. Thank you for all the love and support!

Poreotics Dance Crew

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