Exclusive Interview With Korilla BBQ Food Truck

(Left to Right: Edward Song, Paul Lee, Stephan Park)

Korilla BBQ is one of the most innovative Food Trucks to hit NYC in a long time fusing Korean BBQ with Gorillas. You know, it’s provocative and it’s that sh*t that get’s the people going. All jokes aside, this food truck has made quite a name for themselves, having a strong heavy following not only in their own city but worldwide.

After being dismissed for “allegedly cheating” (yeah we don’t believe you guys cheated not even for a second),  their past tweets implied that there’s more to the story: “1st Amendment Rights went on a hiatus and won’t be back till Spring. We <3 you guys and will never forget all the memories! #itaintoveryet" says one, and another reads "WE WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON YOU NEW YORK." A rep from the truck said "The only thing I can tell you is that I can't talk to you." While we wait for their non-disclosure agreement with the Food Network to expire for more information, all we can do is grab a Bulgogi Taco and read more in depth about the creative minds behind the KorillaBBQ Food Truck.

Jackfroot Exclusive Interview With Korilla BBQ

JF: Where/When was the Idea of Korilla formed?

SP: Probably somewhere in Eddie’s head during the time he was alone on Eunice’s futon while she was at work?
ES: Wow, I can see how that is possible. What’s a guy to do when he’s by himself in a nice apartment in the LES with stuff lying around? I thought I had the spark when I was on the 2 train on my way to higher education at Columbia.
PL: Give Ed some Redbull. See what happens.

What was influential in Korilla’s menu of choice?

SP: We weren’t ever gonna sell anything but Korean bbq, but Eddies idea of putting it in “ggim” sucked, so we bit off Roy Choi.

ES: That’s bullshit. Because the seaweed idea sucked, I thought of other “vehicles” like soy paper, sandwich, flatbread, pita, and what do you know, the only thing left is a burrito/tortilla! Roy, hyung, if you’re reading this, I’ve got nothing but respect for you. I waited 2 years for you to come to NYC. It’s all good though, we holding it down the kBBQ scene out here.
PL: Mr. Roy Choi, I know using tortillas was jacked from a blog. But respects for coming up with Korean BBQ.

JF: How many people are currently on the Korilla Team? Who are they and what are their roles?

SP: Alot, we aren’t very selective, it’s like the equivalent of Stuy’s track team. You wanna join? JOKING! Team Korilla extends past the people we work with, its all those people who support us and want us to succeed to ultimately make Korean food and culture accessible to everyone.

ES: You can’t put a single face to the new face of kBBQ. It’s all our fans and supporters, our managers, grillmasters, culinary magicians, and even our competitors that play an integral part in making Korean cuisine number one.
PL: Face the face of the new face of  Korean BBQ.

JF: How did Korilla end up being on the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race?

SP: I have no idea why we were the only New York food truck to be on the show. The Food Network probably has some type of formula. For me personally Eddie woke me up with an iPhone in my face and had me sign a stack of papers.
ES: I don’t know. They liked our burritos?
PL: The executive director is into Korean women. He wanted us to teach him Korean. We wouldn’t do it. Then….

During the show, Tyler accused you of cheating and faking your receipts. The Food Network never gave you guys a chance to tell Korilla’s side of the story. 

What were your friends and families initial reaction when they saw that episode? 

SP: If there’s a season 3 of TGFTR bet you’re mentioned more than the winners.
ES: We made Food Network watchable on an empty stomach, now no more Food Network.
PL:  “Why Ste-ben so sad?” Then I translated to them our truck was stolen.

JF: Do you feel Korilla will expand trucks into other states?

SP: We’ll go wherever we’re wanted, other states, other countries
ES: LA seems to be in the horizon.

PL: Yes

JF: What do you absolutely must try at the Korilla Food Truck?

SP: Chosun bowl with half beef half pork with the works
ES: Ribeye of the tiger burrito with Killa Korilla Sauce and extra red leaf lettuce.
PL: Our food.

What is your favorite food truck besides Korilla?

SP:That’s like asking a kid who their favorite parent is, or a parent who their favorite kid is. We’re all family. New York food trucks stick together.

ES: Seabirds!! Bird-call! just kidding obviously.

PL: Cafe con Leche. Dale!

JF:You’re stuck on an island, and you could only bring a forever lasting supply of one food item. What is it and why?

SP: Waffles with dinges

ES: Pot tarts because it kills 2 birds with one stone.
PL: Rice

Connect with Korilla BBQ:
Twitter: KorillaBBQ
Facebook: KorillaBBQ
Website: KorillaBBQ

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  1. Granted, I’m late to the party here, because I only just saw the episode in re-runs. My only comment is what a bunch of racist pigs you are that run this site. So, you believe a bunch of korean liars over Food Network because your korean? Oh, Blind allegiance to your race, typical of low lifes. What do you base your comment on? ….”yeah we don’t believe you guys cheated not even for a second”, stupid korean. Best you stay in NYC because if that truck ever comes south, we’ll show them what we do with cheaters.

    1. Right because threatening people for something that happened on a TV show is clearly better than racism. Hypocrisy at its best. You make America look bad. How moronic.

        1.  You’re hilarious. Too bad I’m not Hispanic or even close. If you’re attempting to be seen as clever by posting rude and racist remarks, it isn’t working. You’re just as bad as the other poster.

    2. Racist?  So in your mind a Korean person has to be against other Koreans or they’re racist?  That’s absolutely ridiculous.

      I think they’re probably cheaters myself, but I’m not going to accuse anyone who believes them of racism.  That would be the equivalent of saying you’re a racist for assuming they’re cheaters…

      I’m white, if that makes your backward southern arse respect my opinion any more.

  2. What I am trying to figure out is that it has been a year now… and ‘spring’ has come and gone… so where is this long-awaited explanation from the K-Boyz telling us ‘what really happened’ on The Great Food Truck Race? Hm? I mean, if they truly are ‘innocent of the crime’… then maybe they ought to share the reason for a bloated cash drawer (to the insane amount of $2700). If you don’t have the receipts to back up the money… what else could it be? Did you use the receipts to create a fire to cook with? 


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