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Born and raised in Northern California, Le is a certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping people get into their best shape. He began as a weight lifter in high school and then began personal training in 2004. It was then that he learned about proper nutrition and form which has helped to make him look the way he does today. 100% natural.


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Peter also divides his time in competitive bodybuilding and is also a model that aims to represent the Asian American male icon. We recently got in touch with Peter Le, the ‘Asian Situation’ from the K-Town pilot TV show. Now’s your chance to get a quick update about what’s going on with the K-Town show in this exclusive Jackfroot interview.

Jackfroot Exclusive Interview with Peter Le


J: What ever happened to the K-town show and what’s the update with that?
P: In terms of updates you will hear good news soon. I promised not to spoil it.


J: Why did they cast you in K-town when your Vietnamese?
P: Honestly, no one ever even recognizes that I’m Vietnamese. Besides that, it was more about the place K-Town and everyone who parties there – not just Koreans but Asian Americans as a group.


J: Coming from our hometown San Jose was it hard for you to make your mark in the entertainment industry?
P: San Jose has a large Vietnamese community that I get a lot of support from. If I had been going the typical entertainment industry route, maybe living in LA would have been better, but when you’re creating a brand online it’s totally different. In fact, some of my favorite photographers live and work here in the Bay and at this point I’ve worked with photographers from all over the world. Plus, there’s no better place to find web developers than Silicon Valley!


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J: Who were some of the people that influenced you growing up?
P: I could pretend like I had some big role models in my life to make this sound sentimental but if I’m being honest I didn’t really have any people that stood out as influences growing up. I grew up in a very diverse set of circumstances and I think that influenced me more than any specific person.


J: What motivates you to work out to achieve the perfect body?
P: I am really dedicated to trying to get on the level of the national power lifting greats. People think I’m obsessed with my looks but really I care about my strength. I want to max my body out to be as strong as possible for my height/weight. So, like i always say, focus on lifting heavy and getting strong and the body will come naturally.


J: How do your parents feel about your career path that you have chosen?
P: Can you imagine any parents that immigrated from Asia thinking of their son posing nude as fulfilling their American dream? They just try to look the other way and not think about what I do because they’re very traditional and I’m flying in the face of tradition by becoming the Asian American sex symbol I am today.  For me, I feel like I’m living the American dream and influencing the way Asian men are seen positively but there’s no way anyone will ever get my parents to see eye to eye with me on this one.


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J: Do you think it’s time to have an all-asian cast on mainstream reality television?
P: No, but I don’t want to see one anyway. I think it would be better for shows to correctly reflect the diversity of America – way more Asians, a few less beautiful white people and a bunch more people from other ethnic backgrounds. it’s not just the Asian community being woefully underrepresented on mainstream TV. If there was an all Asian-American show I’d definitely be excited to check it out, but one show won’t fix the real problem of no one outside the white community really getting a lot of screen time. 


J: What types of food do you eat?
P: If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one food for the rest of my life, (I’m making up my own questions now haha), it would be – chicken! Protein is the most important part of my diet.


J: What stereotypes have you seen and broken down in your path?
P: A major one is being the founder of the only Asian run and Asian focused erotic site on the internet operating out of America. Most erotic sites that focus on the Asian male physique are recycling content from Asia and do not use any Asian American models. Furthermore, Asian men in porn are always, always type cast as the wimpy, twinky bottom. I want to show that Asian males can be sexy and dominant and I think this is something I have accomplished. Especially with the expansion of my site to include a lot of other great guys from around the country. Last year i won a big award for having the best Asian themed site on the web and this year my site is nominated and up against every other ethnic themed site available. So, in short, if we win this year it’ll be a really big deal for the perception of Asian male sexuality on the web.


J: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
P: On the beach, with a beer, sunbathing naked. As for my site, I see it booming with tons of guys proud to show off what their mommas gave them and tell the world that Asian men are hot and confident.


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