Siray Kong is Married to the Modeling Game (Interview)

asian model siray kong

Born in Thailand but raised in Minnesota, Siray Kong is an ambitious model that will do what it takes to succeed. Siray is part Thai and Cambodian and is able to speak both languages. In her recent career life, she took a risk and moved to pursue further areas in modeling, acting, and singing. Keep an eye on this up and coming model and read up on this exclusive interview to learn more about her.


Exclusive Interview With Siray Kong


What was your most memorable moment in life, would you want to relive it?
Modeling was something I always desire even as a little girl but not having the right support I always bottled it up inside. As life went on two people in my life believed in me. They would push and encourage me to move forward and give it another shot. I got into go go dancing and I started networking with people to gain the knowledge of how I can be more successful in modeling. I was introduced to modeling simple by just admiring the girls on magazines and hustled my butt off so I can invest in myself to get me out there. What I love about modeling is being able to put your emotions on a still photo and taking what I am blessed with and turning it into so much more.  Honestly, every day is memorable to me because everyday is it’s own blessing and I relive it each time I wake up.  I have no other side job but reaching for stars.


Do you have any other skills or jobs besides modeling that you’d like to let your fans know about?
The one thing people don’t know is that I am a singer. I started singing in a church. I am an emotional person and singing gives me  freedom. I am also very creative. I love to draw, write poems and simply make stuff =D


asian model siray kong


What types of food do you love eating and what type of restaurants do you enjoy going to?
I love Mexican food!! but Italian is my weakness as well!!


Who are some of your role models or people you look up to in life?
I look up to God first, and inspired by people that change the world by believing and making that selfless step. Taking nothing and making it into everything.


Being Asian, most parents don’t approve of modeling as a career. What did your parents first think about you as a model and how do they feel about it today?
My mother never had support period in her life or even a chance to live on her own wants. She grow up very hard and been through so much. My mother seen the burning fire in my heart of wanting to succeed, she seen that I did everything by myself and it has proven to her that  her little girl is something special. She now supports and believe in me because she could see with her eyes that things was becoming reality in my modeling. I never had parents just a parent my mother. My mother is a “G” is is my rider and my supporter she understand the hustle of life. As longs we made ends meet that is all that matters!


asian model siray kong


When you’re not modeling, what do you enjoy doing for fun?
When I am not modeling I do many things, I am human first I enjoy the simple things from bike riding or fishing, learning a new gospel song or starting a new book. I love cooking or painting a new picture.=)


Can you name us some of your favorite photographers you’ve worked with?
One of my favorite photographer is OG Foto, Karl Yamashita, Drew Santos and MikeK Just to name a few but I can go on forever.


asian model siray kong


What are some tips and suggestions you have for up and coming models that want to grow?
My tips for other models is put in the work and don’t look for hands out. Learn to invest in yourself and understand you values. Nothing is easy and be ready to put in work, don’t sell your sell and stay focus. Mpdels come a dime a dozen but what makes YOU so great?? ask that question to yourself.


Lastly, All of your male fans out there want to know if you are you single, dating, or it’s complicated?
I am single but married to my career. I’m not looking but I am ready. I belong to my king cause I am “Kong” hahahha get it ??=D


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dress 2
shoes 5.5
honey tan
Blonde hair


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