instant noodles crew

instant noodles crew

Jackfroot recently got in touch with the one and only, Instant Noodles Crew. Originating from Taipei, Taiwan, the B-boys of Instant Noodles aim to build a distinctive, entertaining dance style, fueled by character, musicality, creativity, and the companionship of each other. This culturally immersed collective pays tribute to their roots, aspires to innovate, and always remembers to not take life too seriously. Instant Noodles seeks to inspire and invigorate, and invites audiences to take part in their ongoing journey. Check out this exclusive interview with answers from each member below!




Who are some dancers you respect and look up to?
Chuck Ma: Style Elements crew (Remind, Crumbs, Poe one) , Roxrite, Easy Rock, Cloud Gate Dance company, All the dance teachers who ever put up with me.
Geo Lee: Remind from Style Elements, Cloud & Flea Rock from Skill Methodz, Born from Rivers
Charles Lee: Poe one, Remind, Casper, Kid David, Wing
Mike Yang: Daniel “cloud” Campos, Poe one from style elements, Andrew “agame” mam
Robert Tsai: My brother Tom, for his innovative mind. Lil John from Havikoro for his musical essence, EasyRoc from the Rocksteady Crew for his finesse and flow
Arthur Lien: The dancers I look up to are the ones who I consider to be the most passionate, innovative, and most importantly selfless people in the community — too many to name, really. At the end of the day, however, everybody is a source of inspiration.
Chris Kuo: Roxrite from Renegades Crew, Kid David from Renegades Crew, Remind Style elements, Physicx Rivers crew


When you guys aren’t dancing and traveling, what do you enjoy doing for fun on your spare time?
Chuck Ma: Reading books (Fantasy and Sci-fi mostly), Comic books Video Games, Cooking, Stand-up (hopefully soon!)
Geo Lee: Spending time with friends, listening to music, watching movies, reading, freestyle rapping
Charles Lee: Eating, playing games, pool, watching movies and TV shows
Mike Yang: listening to music, music digging, going out for a drive in my car.
Robert Tsai: I enjoy live jazz/soul/funk bands, snowboarding, hiking, photography
Arthur Lien: Enjoying the company of friends and family, and finding other creative outlets such as drawing, writing, freestyle rapping and anything else I can think of.
Chris Kuo: I read a lot, think about breaking, exercise (swim) and just kick it with friends

Performing must be tiring, what’s your ideal food and drinks to rejuvenate yourselves after a performance or practice?
Chuck Ma: Home cooking, and Dark beer. (or just lots of water)
Geo Lee: Fruit, juice, water
Charles Lee: Fast food… since we end practice late. But yeah, protein shakes, beef/salmon steaks, lots of water.
Mike Yang:  I love food, I will eat anything but I usually try to stay away from fried food before practice or performances
Robert Tsai: Protein shake, water, vitamin water
Arthur Lien: I tend to be a little health conscious so anything with a healthy balance of nutrition and nothing too heavy especially when it comes to performance time. H2O is my best friend 🙂
Chris Kuo: GATERADE and Bananas


Instant Noodles Crew


What’s your most memorable performance to date?
Chuck Ma: HHI 2011 word finals.
Geo Lee: Hip Hop International 2011, where under the highest pressure and a week of eliminations from USA Finals all the way to World Finals (we performed the piece 5 times), we got 3rd place (Bronze) in the World! Out of like 80+ international teams.
Charles Lee: 2011 Hip Hop International World Finals in Vegas.
Mike Yang: during maxt out dance competition in 2011.
Robert Tsai: Hip Hop International 2010.. it was our first competition as a performing . We had no idea going in what we were capable of..and the results blew our minds.. (2nd US Prelims, 4th in US Finals)
Arthur Lien: HHI 2010 USA Preliminaries… The rush of making 3rd when we all thought we weren’t even in the top 10 was amazing.
Chris Kuo: HHI 2011 when we took 3rd place for worlds finals. It was such an amazing experience.


What is your favorite type/brand of shoes to dance in?
Chuck Ma: Adidas gazelles for breaking or any style of urban dance. Bare foot for more classical dances.
Geo Lee: My favorite types of shoes for casual wear are VANS, but my favorite kind of shoes to dance in is ADIDAS GAZELLES.
Charles Lee: Adidas
Mike Yang: Adidas gazelles
Robert Tsai: Adidas gazelles
Arthur Lien: Adidas Gazelles, no doubt!
Chris Kuo: Nike Triax 91!


Name some of your favorite artists/DJ’s you would like to dance for in a music video.
Chuck Ma: No preference, as long as I enjoy the music.
Geo Lee: Dumbfoundead the MC/rapper would be dope, he’s been holding it down lately
Charles Lee: Nujabes! RIP.
Robert Tsai: tribe called quest, and if I had a time machine, the black eyed peas, pre-2003
Arthur Lien: Big fan of a lot of underground hip hop such as Jurassic 5… But it’d be dope to be able to perform with artists such as Michael Jackson, James Brown… the forerunners!
Chris Kuo: Dumbfoundead. Raise your bars up!


Instant Noodles Crew


If you can have any superpower, what would it be?
Chuck Ma: No preference, as long as I enjoy the music.
Geo Lee: Teleportation
Charles Lee: Teleporting, so I can see the world and have lives in multiple places at one time.
Mike Yang: I would like to be able to teleport
Robert Tsai: To fly!
Arthur Lien: Flight?
Chris Kuo: Teleportation

Name us some of your favorite all time TV shows or cartoons growing up as a kid.
Chuck Ma: Batman the animated series, Justice League Unlimited, X-men, Ninja Turtles, Visionaries: knights of the magical light.
Charles Lee:  Dexter’s Laboratory, Naruto, South Park
Mike Yang:  I did not watch tv as a kid and I still do not.
Robert Tsai: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Voltron
Arthur Lien: Pokemon!!!
Chris Kuo: One piece, Voltron, Power Rangers, all the cartoon network cartoons

What are some upcoming future projects you are working on?
Chuck Ma: Expanding and creating more online content, and learning other forms expressive art forms.
Geo Lee: Shhhhh……..but make sure you stay posted on all our social networks ( (twitter: @instantbboys) (youtube: instantnoodlescrew) to stay updated with what’s coming up for Instant Noodles!
Charles Lee: Lots of performances and building to become a stronger crew in performances and in battles as well.
Mike Yang:  I would probably be getting ready to graduate college and finding a 9-5 job
Robert Tsai: We are currently working on a new live performance set, and there are several made-for-video projects that are in the pre-planning stages
Arthur Lien: Focused on a balanced lifestyle, but getting the level of my dancing up there!
Chris Kuo: STANLEY PROJECT. Be on the look out!


Instant Noodles Crew

If you weren’t dancing, what do you think each of you would be doing today?
Chuck Ma: For me… Comic book writer/editor, or chef.
Geo Lee: I honestly have no idea… probably be working at some boring job!
Charles Lee: I wanted to work in a bank before I considered dancing professionally.
Mike Yang:  I would probably be getting ready to graduate college and finding a 9-5 job
Robert Tsai: I’d be teaching high school western studies… mostly bc I’m a world war ii enthusiast 🙂
Arthur Lien: Probably at a desk job, or buried in video games…
Chris Kuo: musician!


Instant Noodles Crew


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