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Please take a view on this documentary just released revolving the importance of facing racial injustice, resolutions and embracing a unity. This features numerous people from a variety of races and cultures which also highlights recent and far past events. I know, maybe this is a basic-as-can-be documentary. With COVID, this was all home done but doesn’t cover the restless hours of collective footage, constant re-edited narrations to the best of my own ability and making sure I gave enough questions that could cover any possible topics and branching curiosities. With that said, this documentary would not be complete without the confidence, braveness and erudite people I had the pleasure of interviewing. Each interview made me realize that there’s so much to minorities and non-minorities, who evidently fight for equality too, when it comes to the strive for our successes and fortunes to a better society. Quite often we don’t take the time to really evaluate the people around us that make us well… us. Diversity is more than just having a multi-colored social group but acknowledging, cherishing and appreciating the different cultures they present to both the world and us. Whether you are a mainland or not, you’re part of a big identity. I do hope this documentary shows the intentions that I want to share with all the viewers. This unity is not only among Asians but other minorities as well. Enjoy!

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Obando Prideful Filipino. Equality Advocate. Sushi connoisseur. Automotive Enthusiast.

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