Elon Musk’s Rocket will take Passengers to Tokyo in 30 mins

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, released a video explaining how his creation, the BFR (Big F*cking Rocket- yes, we’re serious) would take passengers anywhere on Earth in under 60 minutes.

The rocket could go from New York to Paris in 30 minutes and Honolulu to Tokyo in 30 minutes, says Musk

Watch the concept video:

Since the design of the Rocket will be reusable and refuelable, the BFR will be able to take trips to the moon, which will aid in the creation of Moon Base Alpha.

Although skeptics are tearing down his ideas with regards to safety, cost, and practicality, Elon Musk can’t be bothered. His vision for commercial rocket travel is merely a stepping stone to his larger goal of building an Interplanetary Transport System. In doing so, he hopes to disrupt the way we travel on Earth and beyond.

Watch his Full Speech:

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