Elevator Security Footage Goes Viral After Catching Pizza Delivery Guy Eating Toppings

Do you think your food being delivered is safe? With the rise of food delivery apps growing across the world, people sometimes wonder if the person delivering their food has done anything to it or even eat parts of it.

In a recent pizza delivery, a bizarre incident occurred in the elevator of a high rise in Surrey, B.C. A Dominos pizza employee was seen walking into a hotel and places the box onto the floor after pressing the elevator buttons. You can see him then squat down and slide the box open. He then is seen proceeding to pick off toppings and eating it.

A hotel concierge that was working who happened to be monitoring the footage quickly took notice. The hotel worker quickly notified the residents and authorities of the incident and Domino’s Pizza.

Perhaps he was hungry or the smell through the box was too tempting to resist, but whatever the reason, the pizza delivery man in B.C. has been fired after being caught on camera.

Domino’s stated delivery driver, which happens to be a college student who had been working for the company since July, has been fired.

In response, Domino’s Pizza told CTV Vancouver that they were embarrassed about the incident.

“We apologize to our customers, obviously we don’t condone this behavior,” Jeff Kacmarek, the company’s vice-president of marketing said in a telephone interview. “We have thousands of hard-working, good drivers, working for us every day and providing great service to our customers and it’s just unfortunate that this particular incident hurts them.”

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