dumbfoundead attic san francisco

dumbfoundead attic san francisco
BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA- Hip Hop artist DUMBFOUNDEAD  will be performing with a live band in celebration for the release of his self titled album DFD (available for purchase on iTunes , Amazon, and Knocksteady.com) at ATTIC BUENA PARK on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 8PM. Opening the show will be Knocksteady’s DJ Zo , Intuition, and Raquel Rodriguez.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do something on my own,” states DUMBFOUNDEAD on his album which released on November 1, 2011. “DFD is a lot more mature, representing my growth as an artist and being able to take my own route.”

This is the second time that DUMBFOUNDEAD will be performing at ATTIC BUENA PARK. This past January, he had performed to a packed house with over 500 guests in attendance.

“Since ATTIC is the headquarters for a lot of young people, I feel that it’s appropriate to perform for the OC community here,” continues DUMBFOUNDEAD. “It only makes sense really. Last time there was a huge turnout.”

Giveaways will be provided by Bloodbath and Knocksteady. Ramon from Bloodbath will be the feature DJ of the evening. DUMBFOUNDEAD merchandise will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

ATTIC BUENA PARK is located at 8010 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA. The direct line for ATTIC BUENA PARK is (714)220-3116. Early arrivals are strongly suggested, maximum capacity is expected. Meet and greet to follow the performance.

The event, free admission and open to all ages, will feature performances by Knocksteady’s DJ Zo, Intuition, and Raquel Rodriguez


Since its inception in 2006, ATTIC, an urban clothing retailer known for its selection of fashion forward products, has gained the attention of fans, artists, celebrities, musicians, and athletes as a multi-faceted retailer. Known primarily for its unique interior and store concept, ATTIC has housed numerous music videos, fashion shoots, and product release showcases and offers services such as wardrobe coordination, event planning, and branding services. By bridging different realms and industries together through underground fashion, international corporate sponsors, world-wide publications, and partnerships with industry leaders, ATTIC has created a unique, lifestyle community, staying “One Level Above.” For further information, visit http://www.attic2zoo.com/ .


DUMBFOUNDEAD has  steadily  built  an  organic  buzz  over  the  last  two   years, thriving on  creative  uses  of  new  media.   With a social network spanning hundreds of thousands of followers, his media repertoire boasts multiple videos that have reached over a million views including the heartfelt DFD single “Are We There Yet.” DFD represents an artistic maturation and stylistic leap forward for

DUMBFOUNDEAD, who’s still able to balance light-hearted and self-deprecation. This  highly  anticipated  LP  is  a  true  reflection  of  DUMBFOUNDEAD: witty,  insightful,  playful,  solely  defined, and incredibly skilled. For further information, visit http://dumbfoundead.com/


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