drew deezy

Upon inking a record deal with 454 Life Entertainment, Drew Deezy has become the voice of the streets of San Jose, maintaining an unforgettable presence in the tracks and in the videos he is featured in. It is not difficult to understand the appeal of Drew Deezy, the authoritative, commanding figure leading off the hit records “We Get Money” and “We International.” Drew Deezy’s street credibility is untouchable, and his music is powerful.

Raised in the streets of San Jose, Drew Deezy grew up in a tough environment of gang-related crimes and violence. Good-hearted and humorous around his friends and family but a leader in the streets, Drew knew what it took to survive and prosper in the habitat he was raised in. Drew translated his success in the streets to a serious musical career, creating his own record label Metal Mouth Records and releasing the album “It’s Our Time” with his brother-in-law Cam in 2004. This release caught the attention of Bay Area industry executives, but his record label was forced to fold when all of his partners went to prison, leaving him as the only artist left standing.

Even after the fold of Metal Mouth Records, Drew Deezy continued expanding his skills as a musician and songwriter. But in 2007, street life caught up to Drew, as he was sentenced to two years in state prison. This incident only strengthened Drew’s resolve to make it as a rapper, and he spent every breathing day writing and improving his rap ability. After his release, he was approached by 454 to sign to their label. Drew Deezy will be sharing his tales and his experiences with his fans on his upcoming solo album, a project sure acquaint the World with what Drew Deezy is all about.

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