David So Gives His 2 Cents on Aziz Ansari’s Sexual Assault Allegation

Earlier this month, Aziz Ansari won a Golden Globe Award for his Netflix series “Master of None” for Best Actor In A Television Series Musical or Comedy. This is a big accomplishment because he is the first Asian American male ever in history to win one.

Check out his thank you speech:

Shortly after the victory, an article emerged on a website called babe.net of a woman accusing Ansari of sexual assault. The story began when Ansari met the anonymous woman back in September during the 2017 Emmy Awards.

After exchanging numbers, the two went out to dinner a week later. The date then moved back to Ansari’s apartment. The evening transitioned into a scene where the woman said that she was repeatedly “pressured” by Ansari to have intercourse, but they didn’t. Instead, the woman performed oral sex.

Aziz Ansari at the Golden Globe Awards

After the incident, Ansari ordered her an Uber ride home.

“I cried the whole ride home. At that point I felt violated,” she said in her post to Babe.net. She detailed about how the whole experience with Ansari was a sexual assault.

With the whole internet discussion lately around the ‘#MeToo‘ movement in Hollywood at an all time high, the controversy surrounding comedian Ansari continues to have mix feelings. Now, famous Asian YouTuber David so puts his two cents on the topic in a recent video.

David So mentions that about 80% of the public perception seem to be on Ansari’s side, while the other 20% empathize with the female.

“I dislike when people talk about women empowerment and being a feminist and they talk about personal responsibility, but they want to pick and choose when it’s right for them,” says So. 

“The whole ‘#MeToo’ movement is very important, and I’m in full support of it because we all realize in Hollywood whether you guys are apart of it or not, there is this huge power struggle and there’s a lot of powerful people out there that will use that power to take advantage of people. Specifically women…”

Press play to check out what he says.


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