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david choe facebookYou may have heard of the famous David Choe by now, the graffiti artist who was blessed with $200 million dollars worth of Facebook stocks. One of Facebook’s partners, Sean Parker, has always been a long time fan of Choe. Parker requested that he paint a mural at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.


At the time, Choe was offered the options of $60,000 cash or stocks in the company. Choe declined the cash payment and decided to take the shares in the company instead. Of course he questioned it, but believed that Sean Parker would remain faithful in the deal.


Choe is one of the rare stories of someone becoming a millionaire overnight and it was all like a dream to him. Traveling the world in his early years to work on his art, Choe finally returned back to San Jose, CA with a new perspective in life and in his artwork. While residing in the Silicon Valley, Choe has also done some artwork for The Bangers (Bay Area DJ Crew), and the Asian victim getting helplessly beat up in the viral YouTube video. Now that is one amazing story that you can one day tell your kids.




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