Chinese Basketball Team Brawls With Georgetown Hoyas

Have you guys seen this video yet? Yes, the video that has been seen all over the world features a fight that broke out between a Chinese Basketball team, the Bayi Rockets and the Georgetown Hoyas collegiate squad from the United States. Now, by internet standards, this video is already “old” news, but it’s not the fight we’re here to talk about, it’s the reaction to the fight that has us concerned.

Bayi Rockets Chinese Basketball Team brawl against Georgetown Hoyas

What started off as a friendly game inside the Bejing 2008 Olympic stadium, turned into a physical and tense game that turned out ugly. After a foul on a Georgetown player was committed, the two sides engaged into a crazy brawl that ended with fans tossing chairs and water bottles onto the court and the Georgetown players. It was indeed an embarrassing moment for both sides and things like this should never happen on or off the court. However, as the video went viral, people’s “true” colors shined through and it was disappointing.

Whether it was YouTube, ESPN, or Yahoo, the onslaught of racist anti-Asian comments riddled these sites and it was extremely sad to see. Reading the comments that attacked Asians on all kinds of levels just showed how much racism still exists in our society. Vulgar stereotypical comments were made and caused a bit of an “online” war against Asians, Whites, and Blacks. The reality is that both sides, whether Asian or American showed poor taste in their actions and should not be condoned regardless of ethnicity.

There’s no excuse for the comments that have been made whether or not they were anti-Asian or pro-Asian. Racism is something that needs to end because cultural integration and acceptance is the only way we can ALL move forward together with positive energy. Press play to check out the video if you haven’t already and let us know what you think of the brawl and the racist comments made on all the different websites on the internet in our comment section below.

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