Michelle Phan in Cereal Killer by Freddie Wong (freddiew)

Freddie Wong faces some bigger problems other than trying to figure out which cereal to buy in his latest video called “Cereal Killer“. Once again, this special effects guru shows off his skills in a setting we’re all familiar with, the supermarket. Press the play button to watch Freddie in action has he saves special guest and YouTube star, Michelle Phan, from a bunch of bad guys. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below. ACTION!

Michelle Phan in Cereal Killer by Freddie Wong (freddiew)


  1. Shhiiatzzziii!!! that was disgustingly sick, no longer will he be Wong!!but Mr. RiteJust!!!! looking like a far east bootleg Bon Jovi!!,, fighting Coco Puffs Crime and all!!! nice


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