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Underworld: No-Name Models of China’s Showroom

“I just gritted my teeth, stepped on the crates, and started my career” Twenty-two year-old showroom model, Wu Anning, stands on a makeshift stage comprised...
jackie chan, san francisco chronicle, rush hour 4, the foreigner

The Wait is Over – Jackie Chan Confirms Rush Hour 4 Movie is Coming

The legendary Kung Fu actor, Jackie Chan, recently made a visit to the Bay Area, with a pitstop at Google in Mountain View, followed...

These 4 Asian Youtubers Bought Houses for Their Parents

It's not an easy feat to pay off a home mortgage, especially when home buying is becoming a financial hurdle for most millennials. While an...

Watch: Sundance Award Winning Short “And So We Put Goldfish In The Pool”

Part of NOWNESS Shorts, Director Makoto Nagahisa's And So We Put Goldfish In the Pool is a Sundance Award-winning coming of age tale submersed...

Jim Carrey’s Badass Art Painting Tribute to Bruce Lee

Very few people knew that Jim Carrey did artwork until the online release of the mini-documentary, Jim Carrey: I Needed Color. The film highlights...

Elon Musk’s Rocket will take Passengers to Tokyo in 30 mins

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, released a video explaining how his creation, the BFR (Big F*cking Rocket- yes, we're serious) would take passengers anywhere...

The Voice 2017 Blind Audition – Esera Tuaolo: “Rise Up”

You won't believe this former NFL player's journey to The Voice stage. Esera is from Minneapolis, Minnesota who played 9 years in the NFL and came out letting...
fuck jerry lawsuit

F*ckJerry Hijacks Asian Teenager’s Instagram Account, Dad Sues

It's War of the Memes. The popular Instagram account F*ckJerry (ran by CEO Elliot Tebele) made a deal with a 16-year-old Asian Teenager known as...

Robots Now Serve You at The New Gen Korean BBQ in Norcal

The world is slowly becoming more and more robotic like the classic animated show, The Jetsons. Companies and businesses are finding new ways to...
randall pich ceo live fit apparel fitnessvideo

Watch A Day in the Life of Randall Pich, CEO of Live Fit Apparel

Press play to watch what it's like to be in the shoes of Randall Pich for a day. Randall Pich is a Cambodian self made...

How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

We came across this great sushi video and thought this is something most people that love sushi should watch. You’ve probably been eating sushi...

$1,700 Apartment Vs. $40,000 Apartment – Is Worth It?

Apartment shopping can be difficult and hard to find. Steven Lim takes you on a journey and compares different apartments. Check out this video...
taiwanese mom looks like daughters

Wow! This 63 Year Old Mom Looks the Same Age as Her 3 Daughters

So many people these days spend so much money on skin and beauty products to stay young and prevent wrinkles. But this Taiwanese family...
david lim swat justin lin

David Lim Promoted to Series Regular on CBS’ S.W.A.T.

Justin Lin, Director of CBS' S.W.A.T., made the recent decision to promote David Bradley Lim to a series regular on the drama. David Lim is...

Japanese Girl Speaks Amazing Vietnamese Just After 1 Year of Living in Saigon

Learning a different language and speaking it fluently can be difficult. YouTuber Kyle Le connected with Akari of aNcari Room. Akari is a Japanese girl...

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