bruno mars
Bruno Mars Performing at Grammy Awards 2011 (Photo - Getty Images)

In a black and white suit, Bruno Mars teamed up with B.o.B and Janelle Monae to perform a wonderful trio performance for the 2011 Grammy Music Awards. It all started with the soft sound of a piano and an introduction of strings which led into the hit single, “Nothing On You.” B.o.B took the stage and rocked out as Janelle Monae was beside him.

The scene quickly changed as the cameras showed a broadcast of a black and white classic style video introducing Bruno Mars. Everything was perfectly set up as Bruno Mars stood there with his retro style haircut ready to sing. We gotta admit, he looks kind of like a slimmer younger version of Elvis Presley. Bruno began singing one of his #1 songs “Grenade” while B.o.B was on the piano strumming away.

After this classic performance, Janelle Monae came back into the performance singing her song “Cold War.” Janelle is a great artist and has the look that makes her stand out. We give her much respect and props for having such a unique style.

janelle monae
Janelle Monae crowd surfing at Grammy Awards (Photo - Getty Images)

Overall, this was a great live action packed performance with great songs. All three artists had a lot of energy to release and the crowd was really into it. Being a just 25 years old, Bruno Mars showed the world that he is very talented in singing, dancing, and playing multiple instruments. Lets see what else this young star has in store for the world this year.

Check out the performance:


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