Thai 454 broken wings

454 Life Entertainment presents the official music video for “Broken Wings” by Thai featuring Liz Stefano. This track is produced by the one and only Traxamillion and video is directed by Chris Luu.

The 454 staff recently traveled back to their home country in Vietnam to work on music, do some collaborations, and produce videos out there. Broken Wings is a deep song about making sacrifices and never ever giving up in life no matter what the situation is.

“Who are you to judge about my life. I sacrificed a lot trying to make things right.”

– Thai

The 3 founders behind Jackfroot are Vietnamese and this powerful music video definitely took us on a journey through the rural country side of Vietnam. The scenes shot in this music video shows how most people here in America have it good while many people there are barely surviving. Much love and respect to 454 family for producing a great song and video.

Download MP3:

Thai 454 broken wings

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