BlackTop Rocket is an independent action/drama student film project directed by Alin Bui. The film is about a young investment banker and his sportbike crew who take on all comers. But fast living comes at a price. Caleb’s loyalty is tested to the limits when his crew’s exploits take a deadly turn one night.

Check out this teaser trailer for this independent film. The release date is still unknown. You can find out more information and updates on this film at

Teaser trailer for a 35mm student film.
Produced by Atomic Bushman Pictures.
Format: 35 mm
Expected Runtime: ~20 minutes
Genre: Action Drama

Trailer music is “Angel” by Massive Attack.

Starring Actors:
Mathew Lotto, Stephen Chang, Erica Andracchio, Peter Frederico, Kenny Leu, Anna Bykova, Bonnie Pau, Yi Ho, Omar El-Bakri, Jeffrey Allen, Artem Mishin

Check out more information about the cast/crew here.


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