Jun Cha

Where fashion meets the fashion of the body. Why wear clothes when our skin is a perfect biological cloth? Jun Cha here depicts the essence of theory and primitive design in the great art form of body art. With the study of Lux Aeterna, Jun Cha reveals this latin phrase as the “Eternal Flame”.

Jun Cha’s great passion for tattooing, graphic representation and urge for creation through body art shows this theory of the “Eternal Flame”. In a astrological or elemental standpoint, this idea of the eternal fire represents the continuing power of creativity, passion and human energy. Through graphic expression, Jun Cha’s ultimate purpose has rendezvous with his own eternal passion.

In this video, you see Mega of BlackScale lace this creative individual up. Here we see minds of true knowledge interact with real forms and expression such as tattooing and fashion. This is what we need more of in our ideas: purpose, knowledge and understanding.

Jun Cha

Check out more at www.Black-Scale.com.

Video Created By: Jerome White & Gilbere Forte

Written by Derick Lee


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