Here’s a remix to Wiz Khalifa’s smash hit, Black & Yellow featuring J.Reyez, Hangman & Tycoon. A remix that definitely represents for the Asians throughout the world. “Cause I’m Yellow, Cause I’m Yellow, Cause I’m Yellow, Cause I’m Yellow. Click play to check out the video.


(Verse 1 – J.Reyez)

rock a snapback with the yellow chain
my life speeding fast, feeling like I’m switching lanes
I ain’t trippin’ but I wanna go explore the globe
love for every single fan that support the shows
flash and shuttersounds, dim the lights low
get in the zone, ’cause everytime we gon shut it down
I got potential for a milli and I be about it
but it’s hard when your life only see a thousand
you say you made it but you only tweet about it
I be surrounded by the people that stay grounded
and you be scrubbin’ like TLC
in the game you won’t get in, let me see I.D.
my music last ’round like russian roulette
we keep it hype man, it ain’t a f*ckin’ duet
it ain’t about knowledge, just be curious
taking every step to the top like a pyramid

(Verse 2 – Hangman)

A yellow MC. Like who you tryna be?
I tell ’em just watch, give it some time and see.
I’ll prove the kid is hot. Hundred ninty-five degrees.
You could rock a diamond piece, but you still ain’t outshinin’ me.
Well connected like a twin baby born siamese.
I’m Mr.Steal-Your-Girl. I’m a dog. Better go and find a leash.
I’m a beast on the prowl and I’m no joke.
Your hoe up in my pants and she’s makin’ me feel so broke.
Soon as I step up in the city, hear them hoes scream.
I’m so nice on the mic. They say I’m so mean.
Lyrically I will slaughter your f*ckin’ whole team.
Step your bars up. You’re comin’ up short. No jeans.
It’s like a drug when I give ’em a dose of this shit.
She wanna sit on my lap and hand me her wish list.
Feels like I’m in a class of my own. Dismissed.
Cuz I was born with the gift of wrap. Christmas.

(Verse 3 – Tycoon)

It’s J.Reyez, Hangman, and T.Y.
in T O. We fly high. You’ll see why.
Blue Jays on the fitteds. Flame from writtens.
Came in the game killin’ the lames. Good riddance.
Yeah, me and my crew got talent.
Think smart. Dress sharp. Razor blade talon.
We got girls with nice tits and nice skin.
Nice hips. Nice lips. Tight like a vice grip.
These hoes got our songs bumpin’ as their ringtones.
Uh huh. I’m on the rise. I’ve never been so high.
Yellow guy with them Asian eyes.
White. Filipino. Chinese. Asian pride.
I’m just tryna come up and get the ones up.
I be grindin’ out from sun down till sun up.
Schemin’. Gettin’ green with my f*ckin’ team.
You know that we reign supreme. Livin’ our dreams.

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