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Black Ice is a 24 year old aspiring rap artist from Minneapolis, MN who has been featured on WorldStarHipHop three times and nominated at the 2011 Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards for “The Come Up” award. He has also opened up for an international rock group called Sek Loso from Thailand. With a lot of persistence and drive, he is quickly on the rise in the music industry so be on the look out for him. Check out his music video to ‘Number One‘.


Jackfroot Exclusive Interview with Black Ice


Being a rising star in the music industry, what’s it like to be recognized and approached by people?

Feels good when people recognize me out of nowhere when Im just out and about at restaurants, malls, downtown. I really appreciate it when they recognize the growth and hard work I have been putting in. Its a unreal feeling but im loving every moment of it especially when the women approach me lol.


Growing up what influenced you to get involved with music? And how did it get geared towards hip hop?
Ive always been a fan of hip hop but life in general got me involved with music by seeing so many positive as well as negative things happen in my lifetime from hardships, heartbreaks, death, prison. Music helped me express myself and help me relax.


Before you were Black Ice the Rapper what did you do for a living?
Im still doing what I did even before I became Black Ice. I graduated from North Hennepin Community College with a 2 year AA Degree & transferred to Metropolitan State University to work on my Bachelors degree in Marketing which is almost done! I also own and run my own business.


black ice
What was your most memorable moment in life and would you want to relive it?
Being a kid was the best, I had no worries and was stress free. I grew up watching Xmen, Spiderman, Transformers, Cosby Show, The Wonder Years I’d relive it asap lol!


Who are some of your role models or people you look up to in life?
My parents they’ve worked their whole life to provide me with a chance to better my life in America and now I got a shot and hopefully one day I can make something happen so they can settle down and just live life. I stay true to my roots and morals and feel most people forget where they came from..


When you’re not making music, what do you do for fun?
I do too much my mind never stops thinking. I do everything and anything I can I like to venture and experience new things YOLO. Lately Ive been doing the most simplest things like hanging out with my good friends and catching up on sleep!


black ice
Can you name us some of your favorite artist’s you’ve worked with?
Sparkz, Impirio, Simson, Cru, Jarvis, Big Will, Jimmy Boi, Golden, Gabe, Lil Yella, Chrishan, Steph G, Rahki, Lil Crazed. Every artist is different. I learn something new each time and its been a honor to work with all of them so far.

What are some tips and suggestions you have for up and coming artist’s that want to grow?
Perfect your craft and be humble and passionate about what you do theres going to be a lot of critics but just do you.


What are your plans for the future both personal and career wise?
Work harder on my music, finish school, own a few more businesses, take care of my family and friends. Live it up!


black ice
Lastly, is there anyone that you would like to give a special thanks or shout out to?
God & s/o to my fans & supporters!! S/o Mr.Neil, Swag Inc and all my homies thats been keeping it 100 and holding me down you know who you are. S/O to every artist, producer, photographer, model, businesses everybody in MN doing your thing 11:Eleven team, Impirio&Cru, Mike Ross, Charlie Future, ThatGuySoda & the whole PaperRolls, Mr.83, Emazin, Simson, Gumby, Cashinova, Lil Crazed, Golden, Goodlook Ent, Polo, Velvo, Aqua, Elixir, Phenom Clothing, Siray Kong, Stylez, Kandis Knight, 2 Faded, 5 Star Ent keep up the good work.  S/o to Jackfroot! S/O to everyone chasing their dreams! I know I forgot a lot of ppl, Sorry if I forgot ya.



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