Jackfroot.com's Battle Royale Tournament featuring Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Donnie Yen, Ernie Reyes Jr, Tony Jaa,

After weeks of voting, we are now in the semi-finals of our official Battle Royale Tournament. This week’s battle is between the legendary Jackie Chan and newcomer Johnny Nguyen. The winner of this battle will face either Bruce Lee or Jet Li from the other bracket in our FINAL BATTLE.

Jackie Chan took down Tony Jaa a few weeks ago by a slim margin and Johnny Nguyen also won by a small margin against Ernie Reyes Jr. As these two go head to head, it seems as though Chan has the upper hand. His experience and stunt work will be the x-factor against Johnny Nguyen’s youth and energy. They both have contrasting styles but in a fight, anything can happen.

Semi-finals round Jackie Chan vs Johnny Nguyen

No matter who has the advantage, it’s up to you guys to select the winner! Vote now in our poll below and send your favorite martial artists into the finals in two weeks. The winner will face either Bruce Lee or Jet Li which will undoubtedly be an EPIC BATTLE. Vote and share us your thoughts in our comment section below. FIGHT!

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