Jackfroot.com's Battle Royale Tournament featuring Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Donnie Yen, Ernie Reyes Jr, Tony Jaa,

This is it! We have finally reached our FINAL ROUND, and after weeks and weeks of voting, you guys have voted for your two finals fighters. The final round has Bruce Lee going head to head with Jackie Chan! This should be a crazy battle that will go down as the biggest fight in martial arts history. Before we get into the final round, let’s recap how each person got there.

In the first round of fights in the left bracket, we saw Bruce Lee take down Donnie Yen and Jet Li defeating Chow Yun Fat. In the semi-finals, we saw a battle between Jet Li and Bruce Lee and it was a unanimous decision as Bruce Lee won by a wide margin over Jet Li. As Bruce Lee took down the left bracket, let’s take a look at how Jackie Chan advanced in the right bracket.

In the right bracket, we had matchups between Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa and Johnny Nguyen and Ernie Reyes Jr. Jackie Chan won by a slim margin against his soon to be replacement Tony Jaa and Johnny Nguyen had a slight advantage over the seasoned Ernie Reyes Jr. With a matchup of Chan versus Nguyen, we saw Chan winning by a large margin as he advanced to the finals.

Battle Royal Finals : Bruce Lee versus Jackie Chan

So here we are! The epic final round you’ve all been waiting for, the greatest of all time, Bruce Lee versus the legendary stunt man Jackie Chan. Who’s going to take this championship home? It’s up to YOU to vote for your favorite as the winner will be announced next week. Make sure to vote for either Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan in our poll and let us know what you think of this matchup in our comments below. Ready, Set, Fight!

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