Bart & Joe from JustKiddingFilms Talk About Their Road to Success

Growing up Asian in America can be tough, especially when you don’t go the typical traditional career like a doctor or lawyer. Bart Kwan and Joe have come such a long way since their Unco Same and Unco Chin humble beginning days making hilarious skits.

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In this video, they talk about how they started JKFilms in 2007 and what they were driving at the time. They mentioned one of their cars they drove was a 1996 beat up white Toyota Camry in their early years.

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They mentioned their struggles during college and how they had to wait for YouTube paychecks, which sometimes took 6 months to get.

“We didn’t really have this strategy of like, we should turn this into a business. We should do this and that,” says Joe.

What they wanted to do was create content that Asians can relate to because there wasn’t any or that many that existed. Blacks had their comedians like Dave Chapelle or Martin Lawrence. Latinos had George Lopez.

As the video goes on, you can see that they’ve come a long way from that Toyota Camry and now are driving a Jaguar and Porsche.

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Press play to watch this short success video of these two young Asian YouTube entrepreneurs and see learn about their journey and how they built a successful career and foundation for themselves and others.

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